Doheny State Beach, Dana Point
Saturday May 31st , 2014
Course: Pro Course- 7 or 9  Miles depending on board class
Fun Course - 3 Miles

The race will start and finish adjacent to the Doheny Main Lifeguard Tower. Courses will be set using GPS and may change based on prevailing weather conditions. 

Elite races are anticipated to  be  beach start and beach  finish, but may change per surf and tide conditions

Recreational races are anticipated to  be  water start and beach  finish, but may change per surf and tide conditions

  Proposed Course Map

$15 State park parking immediately adjacent to race site
Limited Metered County Parking available close by   

Board Classes:
  • 12' Stock Paddleboard -(No Rudder)
  • Unlimited Paddleboard
  • 12'6 & Under Stock Stand UP -(No Rudder)
  • 14' Stand Up (No Rudder)
  • Unlimited Stand Up
  • Surfboard Stand Up - (see rules for definition)

WPA SUP Racing Rules

Pro Course
Stock Paddleboard
9 Miles
Utld  Paddleboard
9 Miles
Stock SUP
7 Miles
14' SUP
7 Miles
Utld  SUP
9 Miles
39 & Under  39 & Under  39 & Under  39 & Under  39 & Under 
40-49 40-49 40-49 40-49 40-49
50+ 50+ Mens 50+ 50+ 50+
Women's Womens Womens Womens
  Womens  50 +  
Fun Course
Stock Paddleboard Unlimited Paddleboard Stock SUP 14'  SUP
Men's Open Age Men's Open Age Men's 18+ Mens
Women's Open Age   Womens 18+  Women
    17 & Under Boys  
  17 & Under Girls  
  SUP Surf Women  
  SUP Surf Men  

PRO SUP SURF SLALOM: The Pro SUP Surf Slalom race will have the top competitors from the Men and Women’s Pro races competing in a one-third mile triangle shape course in and out through the surf

  SUP Slalom Course

 Each lap will last approximately 3-1/2 minutes and a total of 15 minutes + one lap (5-6 laps).

The Pro SUP Surf Slalom will be a beach start and beach finish. Once the time duration of 16 minutes is reached a white flag and horn will sound meaning that everyone on the lead lap will complete one more full lap after their current lap is finished. Any competitor that has been lapped by the leader will finish on their current lap.

The top 20 Men from the 14’ Pro race and top 20 Women from the 12’6 Pro race will qualify for the Pro SUP Surf Slalom race. Men will compete on 14’ and Women will compete on 12’6.

Race jersey’s are mandatory and will be supplied for all qualified competitors.

Awards: Cash Prizes:
Top 3 paddleboard finishers in each Pro course board class (not age division).
Top 3 Stand Up finishers in each Pro course board class (not age division)

Cash Qualifying Board Classes:
**A minimum of 10 entries required to be considered a cash qualifying race
Pro Course
Unlimited Paddleboard - Cash Qualifier
Stock Paddleboard - Cash Qualifier
Men's 14' Stand Up - Cash Qualifier
Womens 12'6 Stand Up - Cash Qualifier

Top 3  finishers in each division.

Schedule:  Racing is set to begin around 8:00 AM

Schedule of racing

Pre Race Meeting
1st Start  
-   Pro Course 8:00 AM
2nd Start  -  Fun Course 9:30 AM

Schedule may vary based on # of competitors, conditions and additional events

Entry Fee: Fun Race:  $45 pre registration  /  $55 day of race
Pro Race:  $65 pre registration  /  $75 day of race

Race # pick up and beach registration will begin @ 7AM 6/04. 

Post Race BBQ & Awards: (BBQ included in entry fee)

Post Race awards ceremony/BBQ will take place @ Hennessey’s Dana Point

* Additional BBQ tickets can be purchased race day for $13. $6 for kids under 10

To Enter Online
To Enter by Mail Print out an   Entry Form and mail it to
Hobie Designs
32921 Calle Perfecto #B
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Questions: , Sean Douglas (949)240-5105 ext 205