Stand Up Paddleboards

Name: Jay Wild Age: 31 Home: Tuckee, CA
  • 14' Elite Race
  • 12'6 Elite Race
  • 8'4 CM Ultimate
Inspirations: I'm inspired by hard work and big smiles. I love to see progression in all aspects of life! Goals: To push my ability on all paddle crafts and to be competitive with the best paddlers in the world. Achievements: I get to paddle everyday out of my paddle/coffee shop, Watermans Landing in Lake Tahoe. Stoked! Favorite Place to SUP: Mid winter Lake Tahoe. Winter storms bring in big wind that creates amazing down wind runs and when the high pressure rolls through the lake becomes a gigantic mirror, pure glass! Add in the snow packed shore line, 10,000 foot peaks and not another person on the water and Lake Tahoe is like a dream! Favorite Food: The menu at Waterman's Landing…..sooo good!! Favorite Tunes: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, The Strokes, The Shys, AFI, Jack Johnson, Good Ridance, Iron Maiden, The Killers, Michael Franti, NoFX, Strung Out, Unwritten Law Best SUP Moment: Circumnavigating Lake Tahoe, 76.2 miles in 22.5hrs Claim to Fame: Creating an amazing lifestyle of family, friends, paddle racing and fun businesses Website or Blog: