Stand Up Paddleboards

Name: Brandi Baksic Age: 39 Home: San Clemente, CA
  • 12'6' Elite
Inspirations: Jesus and Lance Armstrong isn't so bad either Goals: Uhm, I'd love to win the Battle of the Paddle at 40! I have no idea what this year will bring to SUPand my aching bones Achievements: There is alot, but in reality, you're only as good as your last race. (I should probably stop now) Favorite Place to SUP: Start at Baby Beach and then out into the open Favorite Food: Poke, guacamole, and miniature Snickers Favorite Tunes: J.Lo, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Snoop Dog, Eagles Best SUP Moment: Winning the relay at the 2010 BOP. we started off super far back, but we fought back. Jamie Mitchell caught Byron Kurt at then very end.... Super Fun!!! Claim to Fame: That's funny..... No Clue!!!