Available Fusions

217532 9'2--Fusion Tint: B&R cream w/ blue-grey deck inlay; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217534 9'4--Fusion Airbrush: B&R yellow to burnt orange w/ Blk. pin; 2+1: shaper Gary Larson
217536 9'6--Fusion Tint: B&R ice blue to Blk. free lap; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217538 9'8--Fusion Tint:B&R Blk. cherry ice blue teal fade w/ blk. pin; single fin: shaper Gary Larson
217590 9'3--Fusion Tint: B&R orange w/ blk. pin; pin tail: shaper Gary Larson
217880 9'0--Fusion Tint: B&R cobalt blue w/ blk. pin; 2+1 shaper: Gary Larson
217909 9'4--Fusion Tint: B&R Lemon-Orange-black:shaper Sean Bailey
218154 9'0--Fusion B&R seafoam w/ flared wht pin: shaper Gary Larson
218362 9'0--Fusion Tint: B&R ice blue w/ blk. & wht. tai; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
218363 9'0--Fusion Tint: B&R avacado w/ blk. pin: shaper Sean Bailey
218364 9'2--Fusion Tint: T&B khaki w/ wht. nose stripes; shaper Sean Bailey