This model is a fantastic all around board. We have mixed a high performance and a classic design together to get the Fusion, which molds two boards into one. The Fusion is a board that you can take to the beach any day and feel confidant that you will have a great session.

Length:9’ to 9’6”
Width:22 7/8”
Thickness:2 7/8” (will vary)
Nose:18 1/4”
Tail: 14 1/2” (will vary)
Stringers:single or triple
Glass:6oz. regular
Fins:Hobie single or 2+1 w/ ofishl sides
Color:Clear, air spray or resin tint
Surfing Type:Noserides, Glide, Effortless Turning
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef & Beach Break

Available Fusions

218870 9'6--Fusion Tint: B&R mango w/ white opaque tail & swirls; sanded finish 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
218872 9'8--Fusion Airbrush: Red rails; added length 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
219050 9'2--Fusion Airbruch: med. blue rails; sanded finish 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
219051 9'2--Fusion Airbrush: seafoam rails; sanded finish 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
219163 9'2--Fusion Tint: B&R blue w/ blk. pin: shaper Sean Bailey