Performance Noserider

The name says it all this model is designed for the best of both worlds with good noseriding capability and high performance function the PNR is great for many different conditions.

Length:9 to 9’6”
Width:23 1/4”
Thickness:2 3/4” – 3 1/8” (will vary)
Tail: 2 3/4” – 3 1/8” (will vary)
Glass:6 or 4oz. regular
Fins:2+1 w/ Ofishl sides & Hobie center fin
Color:Clear, air spray or resin color
Surfing Type:Good Noserider, Performance Surfing
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Breaks, Reef and Beach Breaks

Available Performance Noseriders

217720 9'6--Performance Noserider Tint B&R olive-army-white-black w/ blk. pin; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217721 9'4--Performance Noserider Tint: B&R ice blue-cobalt blue-black sanded finish: shaper: Sean Bailey
218024 9'8--Performance Noserider Airbrush: transparent ice blue w/ darker rails & bk. & wht. checker board nose; added length: shaper Gary Larson
218672 9'4--Performance Noserider Tint: B&R navy w/ blk. pin: shaper Sean Bailey
218934 9'0--Performance Noserider Tint: T&B ice blue w/ wht. & blk. nose panel: shaper Sean Bailey
218937 9'0--Performance Noserider Tint: B&R grey w/ blk. & wht. abstract; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
218939 9'8--Performance Noserider Tin: B&R charcoal green w/ blk. pin; added length: shaper Sean Bailey
218962 9'2 Epoxy--Performance Noserider Epoxy-Airbrush: blue rails; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
218963 9'8--Performance Noserider Airbrush: olive rails; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
218980 9'1 Epoxy--Performance Noserider Epoxy-Tint: T&B khaki; sanded finish: shaper Gary Larson
219072 9'4--Performance Noserider Airbrush: T&B army green; sanded finish: Shaper Sean Bailey
316451 8'6--Performance Noserider Tint: B&R banana yellow w/ hot pink inlay; single fin sanded finish: shaper Gary Larson