Peter Pan Slug

The Slug is East coast legend Peter Pan’s model. This board was created for attacking the small conditions on the East coast. It is a great board for beginners and surfers getting back into surfing. Despite the Slug’s appearance it is an extremely fun board.

Length:6’10”- 9’6” +
Width:22” – 23”
Thickness:3” – 3 1/2”
Tail: 14 1/2”
Glass:6oz. regular
Fins:Single or 2+1
Color:Slug panel or air spray
Surfing Type:Stable, easy to catch waves, Easy to Turn
Best Wave Height:4’ & under
Wave Type:Smaller Slower waves

Available Peter Pan Slugs

217725 9'2--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ seafoam nose panel: shaper Sean Bailey
217732 9'8--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ Rasta Slug Panel; added length: shaper Sean Bailey
218428 9'0--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ red Slug panel: shaper ircus fun colors
218429 9'0--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ sky blue Slug panel: shaper Sean Bailey
218430 9'4--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ forest green Slug panel:shaper Sean Bailey
218431 9'4--Peter Pan Slug Clear w/ grape Slug panel: shaper Sean Bailey
218876 7'6--Peter Pan Slug Airbrush: black Slug panel: shaper Sean Bailey
218877 7'6--Peter Pan Slug Airbrush: red Slug panel w/ blk. pin; 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
218878 7'4--Peter Pan Slug Airbrush: mango Slug panel w/ blk. pin: shaper Sean Bailey
218879 7'4--Peter Pan Slug Airbrush: black pinline panel w/ bottom deck multi swirls; 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey