Retro Classic

A real modern classic with a smooth flowing outline, small amount of rocker and 60/40 makes this board a great all around classic style design. The Retro Classic is extremely user friendly in mushy to good surf for all varieties of surfers.

Length:9’ to 10’
Nose:17 3/4”
Stringers:triple redwood
Glass:6oz. regular or 8oz. volan with deck & tail patch
Fins:Single Hobie removable fin or glass on
Color:Clear or Resin tint
Surfing Type:Fast Paddler, Glide and Smooth Turns
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break & Mellow Reef

Available Retro Classics

217949 9'6 --Retro Classic Tint: T&B cobalt blue; two-tone wood til block: shaper Josh Martin
217950 9'6--Retro Classic Clear w/ 2 tone wood tail block: shaper Josh Martin
218366 9'0--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish: shaper Sean Bailey
218367 9'0--Retro Classic Tint: T&B forest green:shaper Sean Bailey
218372 9'4--Retro Classic Tint: T&B race car red w/ deck/tail patch: shaper shaper Sean Bailey
218940 9'4--Retro Classic Tint: T&B eggplant; deck/tail patch tail block: shaper Gary Larson
218941 9'4--Retro Classic Tint: T&B red; tail block: shaper Sean Bailey
218999 9'8--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish; added length: shaper Sean Bailey
219129 9'2--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish: shaper Sean Bailey
219130 9'2--Retro Classic Tint: T&B seafoam: shaper Sean Bailey