Retro Egg

The Retro Egg has a bit of that transitional look to it with its 60/40 rails, harder edge in the tail and a double ender outline. This board will surprise you with its glide and maneuverability.

Length:6’- 7’8”
Width:20 7/8”
Thickness:2 3/4”
Tail: 2 3/4”
Glass:6oz. & 4oz.
Fins:Single or a 2+1 w/ F.C.S. sides and Hobie center fin
Color:clear, air spray or resin color
Surfing Type:Strong Paddle, Smooth Performance & Glide
Best Wave Height: 6’ & under
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef (Mellow or Steep), Beach Break

Available Retro Eggs

217540 6'4--Retro Egg Tint:T&R turg blue w/ red & white abstract; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217541 6'4--Retro Egg Tint: T&R lime green w/ hotcoat white wash sand through:shaper Sean Bailey
217544 6'8--Retro Egg Tint: T&R mango w/ hotcoat white wash sand through:shaper Sean Bailey
218208 6'0--Retro Egg Tint: T&B avocado green: shaper Sean Bailey
218209 6'0--Retro Egg Tint: ice blue-navy-white stripes: shaper Sean Bailey.
218210 6'2--Retro Egg Tint: B&R ice blue w/ navy swirls: shaper Sean Bailey
218211 6'2--Retro Egg Tint: T&B cobalt blue: shaper Sean Bailey
218440 6'8--Retro Egg Tint: T&B khaki brown; sanded gloss: shaper Sean Bailey
218442 7'2--Retro Egg Clear w/ volan tail patch: shaper Sean Bailey
218461 7'2--Retro Egg Airbrush: transparent blue/grey w/ darker rails: shaper Sean Bailey
218708 7'2 TW Hull H-899--Retro Egg Opaquet: T&B seafoam.
218815 6'4 TW Hull H-924--Retro Egg Tint: T&B brick red; deck/tail patch sanded gloss
218891 6'4--Retro Egg Tint: T&B sage green: shaper Sean Bailey
218892 6'4--Retro Egg Ttint: B&R purple-blk.-multi swirls: shaper Sean Bailey
218893 6'6--Retro Egg Tint: T&B coke bottle green: shaper Sean Bailey
218894 6'6--Retro Egg Tint: B&R ice blue w/ white & blue swirls: shaper Sean Bailey
219127 6'10--Retro Egg Tint: T&B army green: shaper Sean Bailey
219128 6'10--Retro Egg Tint: T&B burnt orange: shaper Sean Bailey