TW Model

This is the Tyler Warren model longboard. It’s a great all around single fin noserider, rounded pin tail. It has normal nose concave to vee in the tail. The rails are 70/30 in the front two thirds of the board, transitioning to a hard tail for responsiveness and ease of turning.

Width:22 3/4”
Thickness:2 3/4”
Nose:18 1/2”
Tail: 15”
Stringers:T – Band
Glass:6oz. regular
Fins:Hobie removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
Color:Clear or resin tint
Surfing Type:Good Noserides, Smooth Turns & Great Paddle
Best Wave Height:6’ & under
Wave Type:Point Break, Mellow Reef Break & Beach Break

Available TW Models

217774 9'5 TW Ltd. H-804 #28/50--TW Model Clear w/ red-white-black nose panel; volan w/ deck/tail patch: shaper Tyler Warren
218031 9'6 Transition H-931--TW Model Opaque: lt. seaweed T&B ; volan deck/tail patch
218074 9'1 All Arnd H-819--TW Model Tint: T&B green; deck/tail patch.
218205 9'5 TW Rose H-860 --TW Model Tint: T&B very light 1 drop tan w/volan deck/tail patch & tail block
218343 9'6 Salinas H-933--TW Model Tint: T&B lt. sage green; deck/tail patch
218745 9'5 TW Rose H-952--TW Model Opaque: T&B tan.