Surfboards - Boardroom

Board# 216240 9'2--Uncle Buck Price - $967.00 USD
Board Specs
  • Length:  9'2
  • Width: 
  • Thickness:  3
  • Stringers: 5/16 Bass
  • Top Glass:  6oz + 6oz
  • Bottom Glass:  6oz
  • Finish:  Sanded Gloss
  • Fins: Ofishyl Long - White
  • Color: Hot Coat red & black panels T&B; sanded gloss
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218748 9'6--Uncle Buck Airbrush: orange & green rail panels; added length sanded gloss: shaper Sean Bailey$1,135.00
218749 9'8--Uncle Buck Hot Coat: T&B Charcoal rails w/ red pins; added length: shaper Sean Bailey$1,150.00
218750 9'4--Uncle Buck Tint: T&B 1 drop blue; balsa T-Band upgrade: shaper Sean Bailey$1,145.00
218754 9'2--Uncle Buck Hot Coat yellow rail panels: shaper Sean Bailey$1,080.00
218759 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint: T&B dk. teal; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,055.00
218760 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint: T&B 50/50 lt. tan; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,050.00
218944 9'0--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R white w/ blk. swirls & cream deck inlay; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,120.00
218945 10'0--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R grey w/blk. pin & swirl band; added length: shaper Sean Bailey$1,170.00
219004 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R cream w/ blk. pin: shaper Sean Bailey$1,105.00
219009 10'0--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R multi color panel blocks w/ olive deck inlay; sanded finsih added length: shaper Sean Bailey$1,110.00
219010 10'0--Uncle Buck Hot Coat: Ice blue panels; added length: shaper Sean Bailey$1,165.00
316012 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint T&B mango; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,050.00
316024 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint T&B cream w/ chalky white abstract: shaper Josh Martin$1,155.00