Surfboards - Boardroom

Board# 216402 5'2 H-582--Soap Bar Price - $865.00 USD
Board Specs
  • Length:  5'2 H-582
  • Width: 
  • Thickness:  2.5
  • Stringers: 5/16 Bass
  • Top Glass:  4oz + 4oz
  • Bottom Glass:  4oz
  • Finish:  Sanded Gloss
  • Fins: Glass on Wood 2x
  • Color: Tint: T&B caramel; sanded gloss swallow tail . 11/26/13This BD was sold in CDM. Bd # listed was 216403-WE ALREADY PAID TW for 216403-need to chnage to 402
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218660 6'6 H-905--Soap Bar Tint: T&B sandy tan; sanded gloss$1,030.00
218707 5'6 H-900--Soap Bar Tint: T&B dk. blue$1,005.00
219021 5'5 H-948--Soap Bar Tint: T&B lime green$1,030.00
219022 5'4 H-947--Soap Bar Tint: T&B emerald green; quad$1,070.00
219024 5'3 H-945--Soap Bar Tint: T&B red$1,030.00
219025 5'4 H-944--Soap Bar Tint: T&B Teal$1,030.00
219160 5'4 H-959--Soap Bar Tint: T&B seafoam$1,030.00