Surfboards - Boardroom

Board# 217561 9'8--Retro Classic Price - $1,080.00 USD
Board Specs
  • Length:  9'8
  • Width: 
  • Thickness:  3 1/8
  • Stringers: 5/16 Bass
  • Top Glass:  6oz + 6oz
  • Bottom Glass:  6oz
  • Finish:  Gloss & Polish
  • Fins: Ofishyl Long - White
  • Color: Clear gloss & polish; volan deck/tail patch added length: shaper Gary Larson
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218366 9'0--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,045.00
218941 9'4--Retro Classic Tint: T&B red; tail block: shaper Sean Bailey$1,195.00
218999 9'8--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish; added length: shaper Sean Bailey$1,090.00
219129 9'2--Retro Classic Clear gloss & polish: shaper Sean Bailey$1,045.00
219130 9'2--Retro Classic Tint: T&B seafoam: shaper Sean Bailey$1,140.00
316116 9'6--Retro Classic Hot Coat: Red Rail panels; single stringer: shaper Mark Johnson$1,080.00
316117 9'6--Retro Classic Hot Coat: red rail panels; single stringer: shape Mark Johnson$1,080.00