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Polarized Sunglasses

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100% Polarized Since 1982

Hobie knows how important performance on the water is. Hobie Polarized lenses filter out distracting and glare caused by concentrated light reflecting off surfaces, providing increased visual clarity while reducing uncomfortable eyestrain.


Not all light is the same, Hobie offers several lens colors that are optimized to work in a variety of light conditions. All Hobie lenses offer maximum protection by blocking 100% UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and the lenses meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 standards for refractive power, light transmission and impact resistance.


The original Hobie® Polarized lens, Hobie®Grey uses a high performing blend of grey and smoke to create a versatile tint that works across any outdoor activity. Perfect for a wide variety of everyday conditions, Hobie® Grey lenses are recommended where minimal contrast enhancement is necessary. Hobie®Grey lenses provide natural Color perception for a soothing visual experience.

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