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Author:  mmiller [ Wed Jan 24, 2007 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  General Tech Notes / Upgrades

Adventure Island Tech Notes:

Now that we have had Adventure Islands sailing "in the wild" for a number of months, we have gathered some user wisdom that we would like to share. We have also created some update parts along the way. Some of the early boats will require these updates. Due to the varied release dates of these changes, inspection of your boat will be required to identify the need(s).

Available Updates

Image Mast base collar - This item strengthens base of the mast by adding a aluminum collar around the base. The mast base was reinforced very early on, but it appears that some more recent masts were also sent without this collar of aluminum. Lateral forces on the mast base connection could fail the mast material at the base without this collar in place. Kit# 79510101

Image Mast Retention Spring Clip - Earliest production boats (+- 150 boats) have a spring clip made from an improper material. The material does not keep its intended bend appropriately. Indication of failure is that the clip bends and no longer engages the mast. Kit# 79532001

Technical Notes

In an effort to spread the fast growing wealth of experience with this new product, the following information should be disseminated to all Adventure Island owners.

Mast Base Cup - In blowing sand and surf conditions, mast base cups can fill with sand and dirt. This can prohibit the mast base pin from properly seating in the cup. This also will increase wear on these parts. The cup should be inspected and flushed clear of debris before stepping the mast. Masts left upright for periods of time should be lowered to allow cup inspection and cleaning on a regular basis.

Mast Retention Clip - The mast must be locked into place by the retention spring clip. Failure to do so can cause significant damage to the boat if the mast base-pin pops up out of the base cup while sailing. The clip may not engage the mast if the base cup is clogged with sand and the mast base pin does not fully insert into it. "V" frame adjustment can also effect the mast clip retention operation.

"V" frame - Adjustment may be required to the internal "V" frame on some boats if the locking nuts are not tightened and the adjustment is not held in the proper position. Adjustment is made with the mast in place. The "V" frame must be adjusted to allow the retention spring clip to engage the mast ring. A small vertical gap (play) should be allowed. You would be able to pull up on the mast slightly before the retention clip contacts the mast ring. This allows the mast to rotate without the retention clip wearing on the mast ring.

Sail Reefing - Reducing the sail area in windier conditions will enable the rudder to maintain control of the boat. The smaller sail area in these conditions will also prove to be faster. Indications: If the boat is having control problems and the rudder cannot keep the boat from rounding into the wind, the sail should be furled somewhat. Release the main sheet line. Furl the sail a number of turns and cleat. Continue sailing. The proper balance of sail size will depend on wind speed and water conditions.

Author:  mmiller [ Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  New rudder down control line system (UPDATED 1-22-2008)

Product technical change - Rudder Up/Down system for 2007-08 Adventure Island and '08 Adventure

We have been looking very hard at better ways to secure the rudder in the down-position on the Adventure Island when sailing at speed. The higher sailing speed of the Adventure Island can cause the rudder to move somewhat from the down position when depending solely on the control handle and line adjustments. When the rudder moves from the fully locked down position, it can cause reduced steering control. To prevent this, all Islands have included a thumb screw, located in the rudder system, to lock the rudder down. This required you to leave the rudder down at all times.

At the time of the 2008 product release, we were not comfortable with further options. A solution was finally settled on to assure proper rudder control and the ability to raise and lower the rudder from the cockpit. We then decided to convert the 2008 Adventure and Adventure Island rudders from this point forward over to a line and cleat control system. This is somewhat similar to what is used on the new inflatable products. This new system can also be retrofitted to all earlier Adventure Islands.

While not as important for rudder control on the Adventure kayak model, the hull is the same as used for the Adventure Island. Therefore, a change to the mold that removed the control handle means that all Adventure hulls will also receive the new rudder control system.

UPDATE 1-22-2008!!

We have been so impressed with the better function and improved sailing experience using the 2008 Adventure Island rudder up/down control system that we are now extending the free retrofit program to the 2007 model Adventure Islands (2007 model owners previously had to pay for the upgrade). Consumers are also eligible for parts and installation labor credits on kits previously purchased or installed by a dealer.

Affected boats have 2007-08 serial numbers, were built and shipped prior to September 25, 2007. Newer boats have the new control system installed by the factory.


What the system is - The 2008 line control system is internal and exits the hull in the cockpit just forward of the mesh stowage pockets. The down-control line (located on the right side) uses a cam cleat to securely lock the rudder down. The up-control line is located on the left side of the cockpit. Once the lines are released, a shock cord system retracts the lines back into the hull. The system is very clean looking and is easier to operate than the existing control handle. The ease of deploying and retracting the larger sailing rudder is much improved.

To work the system, simply lean slightly forward to grasp the down-control "T" handle on the right side of the cockpit and pull. Add additional tension, if required for higher speed sailing, and cleat. Store the down control "T" handle and excess line in the mesh stowage pocket if desired. To raise the rudder, release the down line and then reach to the left side for the up-control line. Pull until the rudder is retracted onto the deck and then release the line. The slacked lines retract back into the hull and the rudder remains stowed on the deck.


# 81391002 RUDDER UP/DOWN LINE SYSTEM '07-08
This will upgrade '08 Adventure and '07-'08 Adventure Islands to the 2008 rudder up/down control system (Program does not include 2007 Adventure).

Author:  mmiller [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Adventure Island Tech Notes

Maintenance note!!

Users have noted that the screws holding the mast pin inside the (2008 and newer) mast receivers can come loose. Please check that the screws are tight. We also recommend "Blue" Loctite" (HC #8000341 .5ML) on these threads.

Replacement Screw # 8032011 1/4-20 x 1/2" Pan Head


Thanks to "weinerdog" for the information and photo!

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