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Tandem Island Tech Notes / Upgrades
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Author:  mmiller [ Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Tandem Island Tech Notes / Upgrades

Aka Lock

We have experienced a materials tolerance issue which can render some aka locks ineffective (Boats shipped prior to May 17th). Boats shipped after this date have been corrected by the factory. If noted "Factory Adjusted" on the crossbar. These boats were corrected at the factory prior to shipping.

We have shipped replacement collar parts to dealers for affected boats.

#8031401 SCREW 6-32x1/2 FHMS-P SS

Further Latch Function Notes: Some users report difficulty unlatching the akas. Once the aka is folded aft and the weight of the ama exerts a rotational force on the connection, it is possible that the latch will stick. To remove the aka, while still folded aft, lift past 90 degrees to free the latch. Return to horizontal position, depress buttons and remove the aka. Although not confirmed, it may be possible that the latch is distorted from being in the storage position, it may take a short period of time for the latch to return to its normal shape. Rotate the aka out to sailing position until the aka latch returns to normal position and can be released.

Main sheet Chafe Plate Kit

This product enhancement is to be installed on the rear deck of each Tandem Island. Most boats will have two dimples to locate the part properly on the right side of the rear deck. The correct location is where the main sheet contacts the hull between the aft block and first set of bullet blocks that direct the lines forward. If no dimples are present, simply pull the main sheet taut across this area. position the plate in a fore / aft orientation to prevent the main sheet from contacting the deck.


Steering System and 2:1 Up / Down Control Lines

Early models of the Tandem Island may require a slight alteration of the rudder head to function better. This change was made in production very early on.


This portion of the rudder line entry point exerts a severe load on the 2:1 down line when turning hard to the left. By removing this section, up / down function is improved and wear against lines and the rudder head are reduced.

Proper steering line tension is required for proper rudder function. The 2:1 down line tension exerts a load on the rudder which may cause the rudder to turn left if the steering lines are too loose. Tension the steering lines to hold the rudder straight when the 2:1 down line is fully tensioned. Too much tension simply binds the steering function, so careful adjustment will make the rudder function best.

The steering system is identical to that of other Mirage models except for the extension lines reaching straight forward to the forward steering handle. Find standard steering system information here: http://www.hobiecat.com/support/tech/Twist-n-Stow_Repair_Manual.html

Down Control Latch

Some boats have experienced an issue when trying to lock the rudder down. The rudder may not fully enter the down latch area.


On dry land, loosen the drum bolt until the rudder can seat fully down and not "spring back" from the down position.

The rudder will require a couple of simple techniques for easier use.

As you lower the rudder... pedal or sail forward and turn slightly to the left. This will help the rudder reach the full down position by pressing the blade to the right while rotating down.

Control Handle Knots The knots in the up / down control line handle (under the stickers) have slipped under the high loads exerted by some users. Removal of the stickers and inspection or re-tie of the knots can assure proper operation. For reference, we have created a diagram of of the Tandem Island rudder 2:1 Up / Down line system. If the line slips inside the boat this will help to re-run the lines correctly. Up lines and down lines are identical. One side shown below:


Seat Peg Adjustment Reminder

The Mirage seat pegs require adjustment to properly fit the seat peg holes: http://static.hobiecat.com/2010_archive ... 265101.pdf Be sure that the peg screw is freely operating. If the threads are sticking, it will not properly function. Work the threaded parts in a out a few times to release any possible binding. Lubricate or replace if needed.

Tandem Island Parts Diagram

For reference, we have created a diagram of parts for the Tandem Island: http://static.hobiecat.com/web_uploads/2010/06/08/TI_Parts_.pdf

Author:  mmiller [ Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem Island Tech Notes / Upgrades

Possible steering line conflict with up control line


Hint: All internal hull functions can be more easily understood or diagnosed by using a video camera lowered into the hull to inspect the functions. The best is to use something such as iPhone FaceTime between two phone or to an iPad. You can move the camera around while viewing on the other device.

• One issue is related to a limiter line used to keep the steering handles from over rotating. This line is at the rear control. The limiter line is attached to the control arm and runs directly across to the opposite side where it is tied off. This line could be too tight and restrict full steering. Knots are tied in the line to tighten it and it is possible that it was made to short with too many knots.
o If you have this issue, look inside the hatch near the rear seat and rear steering control. The limiter line is just aft of the hatch and within easy reach. You would need to detach this line from the steering control arm and untie a number of knots in the limiter line to make it a little longer. It seems that the limiter is not critical to steering function, so some users have simply removed it.

• The other issue is related to the rudder up control line. This line, if too long, allows a turning block and associated lines and knots to conflict with the steering line. This occurs at the aft steering control handle area.
o If you have this issue, you can shorten the up control line a few inches. Lower the rudder and lock it down with the down control line. While looking inside the rear seat hatch, feeling or using a video camera inside the hull, pull on the up control line until the turning block hardware clears away from the aft control line conflict area. Mark the up line where you want to adjust the up handle location to. Pull the line further and clamp off to hold. Pop the cap off of the handle. Pull the knot and line through the handle until at the desired location. Tie a new knot to hold. Test all rudder function before cutting off the excess line and replacing the cap.

Author:  mmiller [ Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tandem Island Tech Notes / Upgrades

Newer system has a drum on the forward handle.


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