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Rudder castings have grooves from springs?
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Author:  willykaiote [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

Hi I'm new, and I'm nearing ready to sail, but there are a few issues with my rudder/tiller setup that I can't find any mention of. Question 1 is, after removing the rockers and springs, when I reach my pinky down, there are prominent grooves in the casting. Whoa backing up sorry this is a '71 16. I'm assuming this is from wear and not normal? They're smooth, but...I have some really nice marine grease. Might this be something I can wait on? Question 2 is, I read about shimming the rudders and did that with yoghurt lids. I haven't done the tiller part yet as I want access to figure out the rocker situation first... the rockers I have are clearly brand new, but they have almost 1/8" play side to side and I don't know if they're "stock". I'm thankful for the sister screws so I can figure it out, but are the rockers something that should be shimmed too, to keep them centered? Finally the PADEYE 11470000 has a hole directly between it. Aside from friction, I'm assuming one of the previous owners didn't wash off the salt and left it wet. This makes me want to remove the stop knot every time I get home and rinse off. How would you recommend repairing this without hiring a welder or just gorilla taping it? A thought was to drill a rivet from the worst side, spin it over and put a new rivet in over fresh metal. There was an aussie or a kiwi recommending not stop knotting it there but going through, around the beam, through an eyelet, but I can't find that anymore. He also had a way of wrapping the downhaul around the boom differently, "aussie style". I hope I'm posting in the right spot... Oh and I have a twist on the shimming with plastic lids that I learned from "fixing" guitar picks. After you use a hole saw esp, but even if you use scissors carefully, and have the holes the right size in the center, stack them tightly and rub them on carpet in full strokes, rotating each time. It's not hard on the carpet but use one you don't care about anyway. It will give a near perfect edge. Also try using dental floss all the way through the case and shims, part the shims where you want the rudder, slip it in, bolt, pull out, voila. Took me hours to figure that out, and I was cursing like I was already a sailor. Ha. No, I just crew sometimes. Thanks to Mr Miller for all the info I've found here and the 40 times I've watched your videos! Cheers from Santa Barbara, which is FINALLY not sunny for a few days. Pray for rain.

Author:  mmiller [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

The hole the spring sits in is threaded for the tension screw. That might be what you are feeling? Sister screws should be a tight fit... no movement in the casting or you will get accelerated wear.

The cams could move side to side without a problem. They should not "tilt".

The hole under the eye is not good. You could move the eye to one side. JB Weld to fill the hole?

The traveler control line can pass down through the eye, under the beam, and up through a trampoline grommet. Then a knot. This is about loose mainsheet lines catching on where the knot would normally be... not about anti-corrosion.

Looks like you are going to get your rain. Watch out for what you ask for! Supposed to be 1-2 inches here tonight in San Diego County.

Author:  willykaiote [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

yeah but check the doppler... santa ynez, lompoc... they're all going to get hammered but you watch sb and it all goes around it... but what do they know? my surfer buddy always listens to the weather radio and he'll predict more accurately than the projections, like right now. it's blowing in gusts then calm, and all the rain is getting blown everywhere else. dad just gave me grandpa's sailor's palm, a marlin spike/knife, little leather finger and thumb, flax whipping twine... i brought my sails into my kitchen so i can mess with them. any recommendations on slight tears around the batten pockets/stops/whatchama riveted into the main? I can't sew there. The grooves i'm feeling are from the top, beneath the cam. I only just understood that I need to reinsert the assembly from the bottom up. I want to recaulk the pilons too, is it correct that black 100% silicon is best?

Author:  mmiller [ Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

I see it is stalled. Should b=get moving though. They expect rain here by 10PM which is a few hours later than yesterday's prediction.

Black silicone will work. May not be leaking there though. Try a leak test using air into the drain holes and then soapy water around seams and fittings.


You would have to remove the batten protector caps to do a repair.

Author:  willykaiote [ Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

These are very soft large grooves that seem to match the springs, feeling from the top. I haven't even tried taking the adjustment screw out but now I realize I can't really get the cams in over the springs, without pulling the adjuster plug and feeding from the bottom, is that right, or is there a trick. Compounding this is that the shorter, broken springs actually need MORE pressure than a new whole one, and almost doubtless I need to get new adjuster plugs. I'm hoping I don't need to ream the whole thing down to the threads and insert a sleeve of some sort... It's hard to get a pic but I'll try.
The sister screws are nice and tight, just the cam seems narrow with 1/8 inch play side to side, and they're brand new, and no rock... I didn't even think about leaks because we're not in the water yet, it just looks like 5 types of messy caulk jobs have gone down so like an old bathtub, I want to clean it off and put the best thing I can on there. I will pressure test with soapy water for sure. This one doesn't even have inspection ports, so... she already needs another bath anyway.

Author:  mmiller [ Wed Feb 17, 2021 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder castings have grooves from springs?

You should be able to compress the cam on the spring and insert the screw. Changing the adjuster screw is a hassle. You will have to drill the core out and peel the excess plastic threads from the casting. then re-tap the threads to clean them out. 3/4-10 tap.

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