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FL - Lower Keys and Key West Launch Locations
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Author:  keywestkayakfishing [ Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  FL - Lower Keys and Key West Launch Locations

I do a lot of fishing around the Keys and put together a list of some of my kayak launch spots. Although it would seem the Keys would be a great kayak destination, there really is not a significant amount of users as you would think. Launch locations are also tough because like everywhere else, private property encompasses most accessible areas, and the mangroves cover the rest. These videos cover the area from the Bahia Honda Bridge down to Key West and a separate set of video for just Key West. I haven't made it back up the Keys to do the Upper Keys but hopefully will get around to that soon.

Lower Keys

Key West


Author:  KeuKayak [ Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Florida - Lower Keys and Key West Launch Locations

That's great. I will have to take a look through. Headed to Marathon next week with my Pro Angler 12' for 10 days.

Author:  fusioneng [ Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Florida - Lower Keys and Key West Launch Locations

Wow great videos, I was unaware of 3/4's of the places you show.
One place you didn't mention is at higgs beach itself. We park in the parking lot, pull our TI down from the roof and roll across the sand (next to the sea wall (near the bathrooms)).
You did show the concrete ramp just to the left of Higgs beach, you don't want to use that one at low tide unless you like wading thru 6 inch muck, (in your video it looked to be high tide). You can park in the vietnam memorial parking lot across the road (free), but you need to separate your trailer and park it along side your car.
Actually that's where we launch from 90% of the time. We usually have way too many people so we typically launch there then go to Higgs pick up groups then just go out just off shore anchor and snorkel out there off the boat.
We also launch from there when scuba diving to go out to the reefs (sand key, eastern dry rocks, etc). To be honest it's way easier to just jump on a commercial dive boat and go out on them if your going scuba diving.
I don't advise taking stock AI/TI's too far out without some local knowledge and without your boat being hardened and rigged for offshore a little. We have been stuck south of the island a few times and even sailing and pedaling to the best of our ability, couldn't make it back to the Island (this is why we have the massive sails and twin outboards on our rig).
If you do launch at the Simonton st launch be aware of the fierce north to south current there, when you come back you can't approach from the south without a motor (current is too swift), you have to round wisteria island and approach from the north.
We don't see a lot of small sail boats in that whole area (there is probably a reason for that). I don't ever recall seeing a laser or sunfish off of Key West (just sayin), experienced cats are ok. We do see regular kayaks out there, but always very close to shore.
Jet Ski's rentals are very popular in Key West, we have nearly been hit on several occasions. We have had divers in the water with dive flags up and have had a dozen jets ski's zoom by at high speed within 50 ft of our dive boat on more than one occation.
Again great videos

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