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Rappahannock Rivah Regatta - June 18~19, 2016
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Author:  AntonLargiader [ Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Rappahannock Rivah Regatta - June 18~19, 2016

https://sailrrr.shutterfly.com ... as always.

Author:  AntonLargiader [ Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rappahannock Rivah Regatta - June 18~19, 2016

Please note the corrected date! The date had to be advanced a week from what was published... the 18th & 19th is now the correct weekend.

Author:  AntonLargiader [ Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rappahannock Rivah Regatta - June 18~19, 2016

Today (Sunday) was called off because there was NO wind, but we had a decent sail yesterday. Saturday was a distance race, downwind up to the Tappahannock bridge and back which was about 13.5 miles each way.

The winds started off pretty light, in fact they were light and variable all the way to the bridge which was just a bit frustrating since there was no good way to predict where wind would be and where it wouldn't. Most of us were tacking downwind to keep our boatspeed up. I could be a few hundred yards from someone else and catch a puff that would take me quarter of a mile away while he just bobbed there. I lost a bunch of time at the beginning hugging the shore, but made ground once in the channel and caught up to a few other boats and we all went under the bridge together. Overall I was quite happy with my boatspeed; it was just my position on the river that hurt me. We really kept our weight forward.

I didn't do a good job getting back under the bridge for the return (into the light wind, into the current, narrow piling spacing) and they had put some distance on me by then and had also got the freshening breeze earlier. Compounding that, I didn't realize that my jib travelers were all the way out so the first few tacks were really crippled by that one trim issue and I lost more ground to the fleet. The sole remaining boat behind me, a Supercat 15, was staying too close for comfort.

After I fixed the trim issue, though, we had proper performance again and put huge distance on the 15. We were now in mostly double-trap conditions and I was quite happy with our performance. We caught up to another H16 which it turns out wasn't racing at the time; they weren't trapped out or wearing life jackets and when they flipped we went over to give a hand. After that we got back on it but a few tacks later my port adjustable trap line degloved itself and on the next tack my starboard one did, too. With only one functioning trap and my crew getting cold, I was carrying more heel (to keep her drier) and losing ground to the 15 again. After a while I took the trap and a few tacks later we crossed the line. I figure we covered about 45~50 miles.

That evening I replaced the trap lines but alas there was no more racing for the weekend. I actually had some line on board that I could have fixed the trap with but I didn't bother as we were so far back.

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