Matthew Vann

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Native Floridian Matthew Vann is an inshore and offshore double threat. He specializes in big bull reds and giant snapper, and has angling skills up to the task. He’s even fooled a bull shark with a swimbait, bringing the beast to heel with just a bass rod. “My favorite days are when the water is clear, the bait is plentiful, the drags are screaming and the adrenaline is rushing. My greatest accomplishment is consistently helping others catch the fish of their dreams. There really is nothing like the feeling of someone telling you ‘this has been the best day ever!’” he says.

Articles by Matthew Vann

Fishing: Going Below the Surface

Most anglers agree that the most effective way to consistently put fish in the kayak is to fish sub surface. I love to fish top water and enjoy the explosive …
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Fishing: How to Win the IFA Kayak Tour Angler of the Year Award

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I set a goal in 2017 to achieve Angler of the Year at the IFA Kayak Championship after winning …
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Fishing: Hunting Panhandle Cobia from the Kayak

Few fish demand more attention along the panhandle of Florida than cobia. Cobia winter over in south Florida and migrate up the Atlantic and Gulf coasts as the water temperature …
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Fishing: Smoke on the Water - Targeting King Mackerel

King mackerel rank among the top of the list for coastal offshore kayak anglers in the southeast. Sometime in early to mid April large amounts of bait will start to …
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Article image - Journey to Victory
Journey to Victory

How 2016 Hobie Fishing Top Gun Matthew Vann Won the 2016 IFA Kayak Tour Championship
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Article image - Season to Remember
A Season to Remember

There really is nothing quite like the anticipation of opening day of a season. In Northwest Florida along the Gulf coast, there is no greater build up than the months, …
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Article image - Taking people fishing
Sharing the Passion for Fishing is a Way of Life

Every time I shove off from the beach, a new adventure begins. The ones I've shared with others are the most memorable.
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Article image - Top Gun Red Snapper
Battling Red Snapper to the Kayak

"This is one of the strongest fish you will ever fight. Don’t drop your bait until you are ready to do battle,” Matthew Vann warns first-time red snapper anglers.
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