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Mirage Compass Duo

An elegantly simple yet highly customizable tandem kayak for on-water adventures with family, friends, and pets.

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Mirage Compass Duo
  • Caractéristiques techniques *
  • Equipiers: 2
  • Longueur: 13.5' / 4.11 m
  • Largeur: 35" / 0.89 m
  • Capacité: 475 lbs / 215.46 kg
  • Poids de la coques accastillée: 92 lbs / 41.73 kg *
  • Poids total gréé: 127 lbs / 57.61 kg *
  • Construction de la coque: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Color Options:
    • Slate Blue
    • Seagrass Green
    • Papaya Orange
  • *Les couleurs, schémas et caractéristiques de tous les modèles peuvent faire l'objet de modifications sans préavis.
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Mirage Compass Duo
Hobie MirageDrive

Propulsé par MirageDrive

Le pédalier MirageDrive avec la Glide Technology offre une performance légendaire et écologique et dispense une propulsion pratiquement mains libres.

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Introducing the ALL NEW Mirage Compass Duo

A perfectly minimalistic platform, designed for ultimate fun. Spend the day fishing or grab the family for a joy ride, the Mirage Compass Duo will create endless on the water memories for years to come. All new for 2019.

Sleek yet Stable Hull Shape

A freshly designed bow cuts through wind, wake and chop with ease. The spacious and extra wide deck provides comfort and security for even the most novice of kayakers.

Kick-Up Rudder and Molded-in Tracking Keel

The Kick-Up Rudder locks in to place when you need it and retracts on impact. A molded-in tracking keel keeps you on course, whether pedaling or paddling.

Spacious Deck Layout

Room for all the activities. Four H-Track mounts allow complete accessory customization whether fishing or looking for the perfect place to mount your GoPro. Two 8” Twist and Stow hatches provide in-hull storage and four molded-in rod holders turn this kayak into a veritable fishing machine. Install an optional Sail Kit in the new Sail mount for an added power boost.

Molded-in Carrying Handles

Located midship, these handles are ergonomic and conveniently placed to make car topping a breeze. Bow and Stern handles help with transport to and from the water.