Grayson Fong (Australia) coaches Tommy Eubanks (USA) to Victory in the Pre-fish of the 3rd Hobie Fishing Worlds with the biggest Bream weighing in at 0.92kg ahead of Benton Parrott (USA) w /0.91 and Staffan Jorup (Sweden) w/ 0.90.

Tommy Eubanks and Grayson Fong
Tommy Eubanks(USA) and Grayson Fong(Aus)

When asked about the what method used to pick up the Biggest Bream, Grayson said they focused on striking a pattern and it turns out that they struck a pretty good one, as every time he turned around Tommy had another one on the line with a total of 5 Bream in the bag for the morning session.

Tommy was delighted with the mornings result pulling five good sized Bream, a couple so close in size he wasn’t really sure which was the biggest. Luckily he pulled the right one out of the bag today and can’t wait to get stuck into the competition tomorrow.

Tommy Eubanks Pre-fish
Tommy Eubanks

Tommy and Grayson both picked up a Lowrance Sounder for their efforts. Tommy for pulling the biggest Bream and Grayson for his mentoring in what the locals call “Who Shares Wins” a Pre-Fish tradition where the locals share techniques with the internationals in an effort to raise the level of competition across the board.

Benton Parrot came a close second missing out by only 10 grams (a third of an ounce). Said that he’s really pleased with the result having never fished for Bream before and that it took a few missed fish to catch on to the technique and the finesse required in fishing the species.

The competition for real kicks off tomorrow morning with similar conditions to today with an average temperature or 16ºC (61ºF) and a 11kt SW blowing throughout most of the morning. After a successful Pre-fish everything looks set for another great day tomorrow.