The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) have conducted the Multihull Evaluation Trials for the 2016 Olympics at Santander, Spain. The Hobie Cat Manufacturers put forward two excellent choices, the Hobie 16 with a third sail (the Olympics must be sailed with a 3rd sail) and the Hobie Tiger. While some of the boats at the trials claimed how fast they are; if a comparison of all current Olympic Classes were shown, than none of the classes selected are the fastest in their discipline. The ISAF Olympic Commission made it very clear that ISAF needs 'universality'. Simply put this means the boats must be established racing with the availability to all countries. The Evaluation Committee will need to decide if they will follow the extensive Olympic Commission Report that was approved by the ISAF Council. The number one issue in the report was 'increasing universality.They could also recommend a class that is new and doesn't meet the universality that a Hobie class will bring to the Olympics, therefore ignoring the Olympic Commission Report. In the past classes/manufacturers have artificially created numbers by either dumping some boats at a dealer, or they have shipped a container that is not opened but can show the boats are in countries. ISAF will need to do their homework to ensure the candidates comply with their approved Olympic Commission Report.

The Hobie 16 is by far the largest multihull class in the world with active racing in all parts of the world. ISAF have chosen to use the Hobie 16 in all ISAF World Games. It is the multihull that is used in all Regional Games where a multihull is selected. As Regional Games are under the authority of the areas National Olympic Committee the National Olympic Committees have already invested in a Hobie 16 with equipment and training. It is also the current ISAF Youth World boat. All making the Hobie 16 in many areas the logical choice for an easy transition into the Olympics with many countries not already participating able to make the step into the Olympic arena.

As the second largest one-design racing multihull, the Hobie Tiger would also make an excellent selection if chosen by ISAF. The Hobie Tiger was chosen by ISAF at their last ISAF World Sailing Games. The Hobie Tiger again fits perfectly with the ISAF Olympic Commission with their 'universality'. It is raced in most countries and lot of the countries ISAF would like to develop further.

A report from the trials will be going to the ISAF Mid-Year Meeting in May. It is important that Hobie sailors ask their sailing National Authority to support the Hobie bid for the inclusion of a Hobie Cat at the 2016 Olympics.

The IHCA Rules Committee has updated the IHCA Class Rules after sailor comments and approval from ISAF in their respective classes. The Class Rules are available for download at the IHCA web site.

The 12th Philippine Hobie Challenge was run over a challenging course. Photos and results are on web site showing the conditions and results.

North American Championships dates
Hobie 16 and Hobie 20 North American Championships
Sausalito Yacht Club, Sausalito, CA
June 18-22, 2012

Hobie 17 and Hobie 18 North American Championships
Cottonwood Cove Resort, Lake Mohave, NV
October 20-26, 2012
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The European Hobie Class Association has announced the Hobie Europeans,27th July to 4th August, Arzon, France. Notice of Race is available on the official web site with a lot of information about accommodation and assisting you to attend check the website for all updates. There are limited charter boats available from Hobie Cat Europe. Please contact Hobie Cat Europe directly for charter boat information. The racing calendar for the European Hobie racing has been released.

Fiji Challenge Fiji Youth Challenge and the Oceanic Championships 2012
Wed 1st Aug ..Prep day
2nd Racing Oceanic's
3rd Racing Oceanic's
4th Racing Oceanic's
Sun 5th Rest and prep for Challenge
Mon 6th to Friday 10th Fiji Challenge
Sat 11th Prize giving

The Fiji Youth Challenge:
Will be held immediately prior to the Oceanic' Championships, Friday27th, Sat 28th and Sunday 29th giving the option to any youth team to join in the Oceanic Championship the following week, or indeed the Challenge as well.

The Oceanic Championship and the Fiji Youth Challenge Will be held in Laucala Bay, the venue of the 07 World Championships....Good wind, good sailing.

The Challenge
Will be held this year to the East ( not West as has been the two past years) A few of you have done the Eastern Islands and will remember the beautiful screaming reaches inside the reefs on the way home.The course will take us all the way on the first day inside the main reef and finish at the Island of Alluvia.Some of you will know Leluvia from times before, but many of you will not have seen this beautiful part of Fiji.

2012 Asian & Pacific Hobie16 Championships August has a date change to the 14th to August 23rd and will still be held in Weihai, China. Good quality Hobie 16 available so no need to worry about your boat just pack your trap harness and life jacket and enjoy a lovely beach and good Hobie friends. There are more hotels and restaurants to choose from to make your Hobie stay even more enjoyable. More details to announced soon.

Australian Hobie Nationals are at Port Melbourne, racing 29-30-31 December, New Years Eve Party, 1st Jan rest day, Racing 2-3 Jan. Their new web site is online. Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get all the latest news.

The universality of the Hobie Class shows the popularity of the Hobie world wide. Hobie sailing just keeps getting stronger. The Hobie 16 remains the undisputed largest multihull class in the world.

The Hobie Facebook page has had more updates added. The IHCA web site has all the latest Hobie news around the world.