With the Hobie 14, Dragoon, Tiger and Wild Cat World Championships at Travemuende, Germany is fast approaching with this it is pleasing to announce that there are brand new Hobie 14 for charter. A special thanks must got to Sport Mohr, the Hobie agent in Germany for making the boats available in conjunction with Hobie Cat Europe. These Hobie 14 are available to buy after the worlds at a discount price.

  • 20 & 21 July 2013 measurement with practice race in the afternoon (21st) and opening ceremony on 21st evening
  • 22-27 July 2013 racing for the Hobie 14 and Dragoon with the prize giving on the evening on the 27th
  • 20-22 July 2013 measurement for the Hobie Tiger and Wild Cat
  • 23-28 July 2013 racing for the Hobie Tiger and Wild Cat prize giving on the evening on the 28th

The Hobie Tiger and Wild Cat have had their world championships moved one day later. The EHCA has organized a training session prior to the worlds for the Hobie Tiger and Wild Cat with the Dragoon sailors welcome to attend. Lamberto Cesari from Italy reigning Hobie Wildcat European Champion will conduct the training.

These World Championships would be a bring-your-own-boat world championships. We have created a message board so that sailors can request information. Also people that are not attending the worlds may wish to make their boats available for charter.

The 20th Hobie 16 Worlds will be at Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The world championship event will take place in 2014 with the opening ceremony on January 31 and competition continuing through to the open finals and closing ceremony on February 15. The web site has all the information for accommodation with all the additional information and continually updated with all the latest news. Accommodation is filling up fast with locations available from 5 star, renting houses and units still available. So it is advisable not to delay booking your accommodation.

Hobie Cat Australasia has been able to secure the world championships for the region with the support of the New South Wales state government through its events promotion arm Destination New South Wales and the Shoalhaven City Council via Shoalhaven Water and Shoalhaven Holidays.

In show of strength of the largest multihull class in the world. Hobie Cat Worldwide will announce an additional two more Hobie 16 World Championships in the next five years. That is a total of three Hobie in five years. Again showing the strength of the Hobie Class and the great support by Hobie Cat Worldwide.

The EHCA has announced the 2013 Hobie 16 Europeans. The Europeans will be hosted by the Windsurfing Club Cagliari/Italy from 11 to 20 October 2013. These days have been chosen as they are outside of the European national events and a cheap season in Cagliari with steady and great sailing conditions.

Hobie Fleet 252 in Fiji is planning GREAT FIJI WARMUP REGATTA at Pacific Harbour the site of the 1986 Hobie 16 Worlds. The Notice of Race ad entry form is now on our web site.The format 25/30 ex Fiji Worlds H16s fully refurbished maximum of two teams sharing a boat. 50/60 teams. Bring your own sails and main blocks if you wish, or use the ones supplied.

This event will be immediately followed by a lay day and the 5-day; long distance FIJI CHALLENGE, entries in this event will be limited to 30.

A big thank you to Matt Bounds who has continued to scan some of the old Hobie Hotlines with world championships results. then click on Past Worlds and you will see of the legends of the Class racing at the early Hobie World Championships.

The Hobie Facebook page has had more updates added.
The IHCA web site has all the latest Hobie news around the world.