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Mirage Sport

The Sport is sized just right for quick escapes, nine easy feet of kick-back sit-on-top kayak with Hobie MirageDrive motivation.

Mirage Sport

Hop on and go. Stay awhile; the ease of pedaling the forward and reversing MirageDrive 180 + Kick-Up Fins and the cushy Vantage CT will float away your cares. The Sport is a compact kayak, but doesn’t skimp on comfort or storage. Back friendly; you shouldn’t break a sweat getting to or from the water. Focus on fun; the durable polyethylene is carefree and tough. The Sport has a big heart that equally loves pleasure cruising and kayak fishing.

$2,549 USD MSRP
Color: Red Hibiscus Color: Papaya Orange Color: Slate Blue Color: Seagrass Green

Powered By MirageDrive 180
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What it takes to be #1

Mirage Sport
Eingegossene Tragegriffe
Großes Bugstaufach
MirageDrive 180 with ST Fins
20cm Twist and Seal Staufach
Ruder auf/ab Kontrolle
Mittig am Boot sitzender Tragegriff
Hinterer Gepäckbereich
Zweiteiliges Paddel
Twist and Stow Ruder
Excludes taxes, any shipping and set up fees.