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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:48 am 
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to "dandj1958" - I will look up "antimonkeybutt". In the past we have used something called Sportslick that is anti chafing, antibiotic, anti everything.

to "Sunday" - the lip balm idea is a great emergency back up. Your wife (must be a martyr to put up with your harrassment :D ) had a great idea about the sock cover for the troublesome buckle. I will keep that in mind as we go. We will also pay attention to any "hot spots" that might come up, like your wrist. About the bike shorts...

to "Tom Kirkman" - again, I thank you for making us aware of the couple who did the Mississippi River a few years ago in Hobie Mirage kayaks. They have been a phenomenal resource. They felt bike shorts were the best (or some type of lycra short).
To those who have mentioned using a sail: They really enjoyed theirs, but said of all the days that had wind, only 5% were days that it was in a direction they could use. As we are in no race, we will be happy to just pedal along, and paddle when needed.

Please, continue to post any ideas or thoughts that come up about our adventure. Each of you has been very helpful. Thank you!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:22 pm 
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funnily enough, my girlfriend and i are planning on doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same watercraft. i'd like to have a long(er) phone call with you at some point ... i've PM'd you my number.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:07 pm 
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I grew up near the Mississippi and spent many summers around the IL/WI/MN parts of the river. There are quite a few locks to go thru, I see no major difficulty there as long as you don't let go of the rope. Point being when they are flooding the lock the current can be quite strong and it might be a wild ride. They are used to motor boats going thru their, they may get frustrated at you peddling in and out, if a large barge goes in you might want to wait for the next one, they tend to take up all the room and want to get out of there in a hurry when the lock opens, whether your in front of them or not, and the prop wash from those tugs is extreme (another reason for getting the sidekick AMA's) I am suggesting you get the inflatable sidekick AMA's and a sail kit. We had a large cabin cruiser and the wakes from them are very large. You don't have to use the sail if the winds aren't right, but just having it standing up will help some of the larger boats see you, it wouldn't hurt to attach a small flag to the top. I have been almost ran over by barges and very large cruisers several times.
I would definitely get the Walmart LED boat lights from Atwood and keep them in a dry bag, if you caught out after dark it will help other boats see you and understand your direction, you also need a couple good LED flashlights for seeing ahead at night, it gets very dark.
The current mostly follows the channels, there is little to no current in the backwaters, so don't count on the current too much. There are tons of islands that you can camp on, but you need to map them all out in advance (nine mile Island just south of Dubuque IA was our favorite place to camp, I just don't recall any others right now.
Another reason for the sidekick AMA's is you can strap a tent and some gear sideways across them so you can preserve your inside storage for things that have to stay dry. I have been out in the Mississippi during storms and high winds and it can get as rough as the ocean (where we usually go), and it often comes up fast with little warning.
The wind mostly comes from the west so the sail kit I think will help you at times if you follow the east bank, I used to have a sunfish sailboat and used it on the Mississippi, it worked quite well.
Most marina's will let you stay the night (at least they used to), and since your not needing a slip, they shouldn't charge you.
I'm jealous, a trip like your taking is on my bucket list, but I'm not sure I would want to go all the way to the delta (really hot there in the summer).
The area from St Paul to Dubuque is in my opinion the prettiest part of the river, with the area around La Crosse being the Crown jewel.
Hope this helps you

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