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New seat pegs a "PITA" literally
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Author:  Revo_1756 [ Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:47 am ]
Post subject:  New seat pegs a "PITA" literally

Is it me or has anyone else experienced this:

The new twist lock seat peg posts press through the velcro strap and leave you with a very tender sore spot on both sides of your back side.

I just got the replacement hull for my cracked 08 revolution. New seat pegs came with it. I replaced the push in pegs on my 08 seat and how nice it is to twist and lock the seat in place or so I thought. I thought the posts seemed a little high and definitely a lot higher than a pan head screw.

My maiden voyage was on Saturday, 7 hours of fishing in Chokoloskee Bay and I could feel that dimple of the twist post through the strap the entire time. Sunday was quite painful and today, Monday two days later the two areas on each side of my tailbone are still sore and tender to the touch. I know I don't have much padding in the rear department but this should not be an issue. You can feel the posts and the twist knobs right through the strap and pedaling only pushes you back onto them. This sure takes some of the fun out of long days of fishing in a Hobie Kayak. Maybe it won't happen on a short trip of a few hours but a long day of fishing or kayaking doesn't look promising.

I asked my local dealer if the newer seats padded the velcro strap but was told no and it was first time he heard of post causing painful spots. He sat in a kayak and felt just what I was talking about. He too could feel the posts through the strap in the display kayak.

I compare it to putting a small stone in your shoe and cover it with a shoe liner and then walk on it for a day. Eventually it will make walking too painful and leave you with a tender foot.

I loved the new features of the newer model, the click and go and the rudder up down cables but those seat pegs.... Good idea but needs a method to pad them under or above the velcro strap.

My new kayak is a real Pain in the A**. :cry:


Author:  Tom Kirkman [ Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New seat pegs a "PITA" literally

Mine hasn't bothered me in any of the 3 newer Hobies that have that attachment system. But we don't all sit the same way I'm sure.

I'm sure you could get a thin strip of foam or SA velcro and put a thin layer over the top of the current velcro covers and solve the problem. Shouldn't be a big deal to put just a bit of padding there.

Author:  scfa [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New seat pegs a "PITA" literally

Personally I love the new design, its the first time I'm able to get the seat pegs to stay in place. The old style always popped out, especially with my kids using them. I think both styles are a bit uncomfortable and I always use a think foam seat pad so I didn't notice the difference between the two styles.

My wife uses the Hobie icomfort seat, however I don't like having something inflatable with hooks etc.

If you use something like this you will be able to sit all day without discomfort: http://www.thekayakfishingstore.com/p/X3104.html

Author:  Revo_1756 [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New seat pegs a "PITA" literally

Actually have that exact pad and was going to give it a try and see if could prevent the impression. I have also tried to push the pegs back into the seat more since it is a retrofit. I will see if it works.

I was curious if it was just my skinny butt or what. It really gave me sore spots. I it lasts to today (3 days later). Not as bad but still tender.


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