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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:24 am 
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Good eye, that's probably the same guys, I'm not sure there is anything there that is unique or patentable.

In the video his motor is not running, he is running off the batteries hidden under the tarp in the video (kind of like the wizard of oz (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain ( LOL)).
The motor he has mounted on there is a 7 lb 1.2hp Honda engine (for weed eaters), I doubt it would hold up long in a salt water environment. Here is the motor ( ... Horizontal)

Permanent magnet generator/alternators are pretty easily obtained, on places like ebay ( ... &_from=R40)

I am assuming he is using a commercial trolling motor with a wireless drive (like I-pilot).

Yea all that stuff can be cobbled together and made to work, but is there anything that is unique there that is going to cause all of us to jump on board and pay big bucks, I doubt it.
Here is another one that is very similar that is actually noteworthy. This one has a gps autopilot system that will automatically drive your boat home (just in case you fall asleep while out fishing I guess).

This system actually is something that is patentable and interesting, unfortunately they chose the route of trying to supply the whole package including kayak. Which in my opinion will be a failed endeavor simply because the kayak market is pretty established with certain brands already out there sitting on the showroom floors ( I would never buy anything other than a Hobie Mirage boat, regardless of what gadgets it has on it.). Also anymore I'm only interested in the adventure type boats, because they fit my lifestyle perfectly. These guys though their system is really cool won't be able to penetrate the market and get their stuff onto the showroom floors. The modular system is brilliant and well thought out. If they had thought it thru and designed a gps autodrive motor system that fits on any kayak they would have succeeded (why fight city hall). I'm sure these guys are brilliant technically, and have put together something very good, but lets face it, do really think any of them has ever spent any time in a kayak, and understands the difference between a really good kayak design and a bad one, I'm sure including the kayak itself as part of the equation was presented by a bean counter that's never been in a kayak. A really good example of something that would be commercially viable would be a modular waterproof drop on unit that fits into the cargo area of the Hobie kayaks (like the AI/TI). Completely self contained and waterproof (basically just strap on and your ready to go), should be able to be programmed and driven via GPS mapping points, or remote via your Iphone and google earth (basically an autopilot system). Pretty much all this technology is all available now utilizing commercial cell phone tech.
I'm not trying to be over critical (too late), but I'm pretty sure this volt brand is not going to displace Hobie anytime soon (a flash in the pan), even though the system itself is pretty good.
In my opinion Hobie invented an entirely new family boat market with the Adventure Tandem Island boats, and it's the biggest and most exciting thing out on the market in many years (since the H14 in the 70's), actually way bigger than that. With everyone wanting them and the market growing as people abandon the powerboat and PWC stuff (because they can't afford it). I know of nobody who would trade in their Adventure for one of these Volt kayaks, but just about every one of the many thousands of Adventure owners out there (the adventure series boats are the most popular boat on the market today I believe) if there was an easy to use totally fuss free drop on unit that can do what this volt system can do I'm pretty sure they would sell thousands of them (as long as they are reasonably affordable). I think the break the bank point will be around $1500 bucks, ( as an example in my opinion the current Evolve system is above the break the bank point, that's why I don't have one)
If I were Hobie I would just flat out buy this Volt company, and bring them into the fold (a win win for everyone)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:58 am 
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^ cool idea but its clear those guys have spent as much time yakkin in the salt as they have fishing :lol: :lol: Spooled the reel backward with the anti reverse off then retrieve backwards on the cast :lol: classic.......there is entirely too many bits an pieces on that thing to last any amount of time in the salt

Arent they just blocks along the rails in the new ones? I know there was a post about this somewhere along the lines....i mean full of foam to the point that you eliminate the need for a bilge :mrgreen: .......ive always dreamed of custom making some inflatables that fit the inside of the adventure perfectly to displace any water :mrgreen:


PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:10 pm 
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Ive been getting just under 6 mph on my Quest since 2008.

Using a 30# Minn Endura. Made a carbon fiber mount that lets me retain the original hobie rudder cables/mount. Can still use the rudder when I dont feel like bringing the motor. And it cost me way less than anything you can buy commercially.

Seems like a lot of work (and im guessing it wasn't cheap) for 4 knots...

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:35 pm 
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Hi Paul.
In case you haven't made your engine mount yet, here is an alternative to Bob's.
You can see I like the way they make planes and have used countersunk rivets and epoxy
holding together aluminium.
It is held into the TI by cord to the existing fittingS, wrapped arount he post supports.

It took an angle grinder with a cut off wheel, hole saw and pop rivet gun.
In SA we are required by law to have an extinguisher. The bracket is for the spare
fuel tank and box for spare plug and tools.

My only regret is that I didn't spend a little more on the outboard. I have a water
cooled 2.5 HP which I drowned once and had to rebuild. Will buy a Honda the
same as Bob's eventually.


Brian in South Australia.

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