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hull top soft spot and the foam block
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Author:  OlderBowman [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  hull top soft spot and the foam block

the port side hull on my H18 has a soft spot on top, just forward of the rear crossbeam, most likely from a previous owner plopping his backside down hard too many times. I've been considering adding 4" ports in the rear behind the crossbar, and as an added benefit give me access to fixing the fiberglass.

how does the location of the foam block inside the hull affect getting to this area to make the repair?

Author:  srm [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: hull top soft spot and the foam block

If the soft spot is in front of the crossbar, then putting an inspection port behind the crossbar probably isn't going to do you any good, especially not a 4" port. The 4" ports are incredibly small for working in and with the port behind the crossbar, it's going to be virtually impossible to reach AND see the area you're trying to repair. The foam block will also be a headach because if you flip the hull upside down to work on the inside of the deck (which you will most likely need to do if you're adding glass to the inside surface, otherwise you'll be fighting gravity), the block is going to fall on top of where you're trying to work.

If you put some lights inside the hull, you should be able to look inside the front porthole with a mirror and see if there's any damage to the glass in the area of the soft spot. If it isn't damaged, then you'll probably be ok just doing resin injection. So if it were me, I'd probably just go the injection route first and see if that stiffens up the deck.

If injection doesn't provide a satisfactory fix, then I'd go in through the bottom of the hull and install bulkheads as was described in the July/August 2009 Hotline. But if its only a small soft spot, I'd be willing to bet that injection is all that's required.

Author:  Harry Murphey [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: hull top soft spot and the foam block

Yes, some of the H18's have been experiencing "soft" spots were you are refering to .... sometimes its from skippers sitting there ... but it can be also from trapping out near the rear crossbar ==> inward pressure on the gunwale ==> flexes/bows the deck ==> resulting in a delamination.

I know of two boats here in Div11 that has happen to ... both are late 80's-early 90's construction .... now while Dave is meduim build .... Bill is +260 lbs ... I think you know both of these guys since you are also in Div11 (... and when you were at RHYC several years ago both of them were there also ...)

I think Dave went in through the "Inboard" side of his hull using the "pumpkin carving technique" ... reinforced the underside of the deck ... added a vertical strut from the underside of the deck to the keel (he used a section of broken "Hotstick" if memory serves me ...) .... added a reinforcing lip around the opening .... re-installed the cut-out hull piece ... re-skinned and gellcoated ...

Bill, I think had Mark Modderman repair his boat .... Mark works on repairing boats professionally, besides being a fantastic H16 Racer .... and Mark is located in central New Jersey ... I think.

Put a "shout-out" on the Div11 Yahoo Group site ... Dave, Bill and Mark will most likely contact you ....

Author:  OlderBowman [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: hull top soft spot and the foam block

my hulls are in very good shape for a '88, I'm not going through the hulls. I wanted to avoid drilling through the topside gelcoat for an injection, but if adding new ports are too far away, then that's how I'll fix this.

Harry, it's been so long since I was active on the Div. 11 circuit, there are only a couple names I recognize anymore. Of course you being on the short list.
Cheez, to illustrate, I never raced my 18, that's a looooong time ago! That being said, I am hankering to jump in this season, since I am a far better racer today than I was then. (I've spent lots of time racing other classes the past 12 years.) First beer is on me.

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