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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:29 pm 
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Hi folks - quick feedback on what I see as pros/cons of the Compass (original model) after a few outings:

* great to be able to stand up and generally how stable it is - I am 65 and had no problem;
* have standard fins but they work very efficiently - gets moving quickly - suspect its the new fin shape (?) - took me up a strong run against the flow/current and surprised me as to efficiency in getting me through without need for paddles;
* the BerleyPro transducer cover for Hobies/Raymarine Dragonfly systems works really well - avoids the Marine Goop glue-in hassle;
* the new pedals seem to be smoother somehow (but see rider under 'cons' below);
* the new seat seems comfortable enough and it is nice that every time one slides frontwards off it that the back doesn't jump off the rear height feet. It is also quicker and easier to clip it in (but see rider below);
* surprisingly light for its size;
* going out through the surf was no issue and it handles much like older Hobies;
* coming back in through surf (small) with no rudder deployed nor pedals - still a bit dodgy but seems marginally better than older Hobies (but see rider below re seat);
* storage space, front and back, is really good on top;
* new Hobie cool box which fits front storage is excellent;
* track system is great. Will probably fit the BerleyPro Side-Bro storage pockets on the insides below the tracks;
* new turning/steering handle great;
* didn't find the small handles the issue that others have, but will probably fit the canvas straps others have mentioned;
* fitting the 180 mirage drive is really worthwhile - for the sort of fishing I do - tight around logs etc., down rapids and having to slow up in reasonably fast moving water even in pools, or fish upstream while stationery in current, its a boon;
* so want to love this craft but need to get over some of the hassles mentioned below!

* the marking mentioned in another post: ... 8&t=63943;
* the seat sits quite high so makes one a bit top-heavy going down rapids or coming in through surf. Presumably one will get used to it, but at the suggestion of my dealer I aim to fit two flat pieces of 19mm & 17mm light wood strips into the grooves, front and back on the underside of the seat, to raise it off the deck (and avoid abrasion to the deck and sides) but lower it by about 2/3cm. It will then sit just front of the existing seat pillars. With a small adaptation I think Hobie could have facilitated this!?
* for the fishing I do - often down rapids in pools interspersed with runs/rapids - I have to clip my pedals in and out quite often (put them partly under the seat) - every so often they do not clip back in properly and waggle laterally from side to side - at least a couple of cm. My dealer tells me its due to not being clipped in properly (by me) but I have never had this happen in the past on other Hobies;
* when coming back in through tiny surf I allowed a small wave to cause me to veer to one side - not enough to tip me out but to shift my weight in my seat - it was enough to pop the D-ring plug out of the side of the boat and leave my seat loose on one side! I nearly fell out with the momentum. Really not a good show! I noticed that the plug has a thread on it but the sealed cavity it goes into has no thread in it. Nor does it seem to be glued in? Not sure how it is meant to hold? Would not have been good to have this happen coming down a rapid as it is dangerous and I am usually miles from anywhere. My dealer tells me he will have to 're-thread' it to secure it;
* annoying that there is no paddle strap on the left side (I like to keep my rod in one strap tight against the boat when I am going down rapids through trees etc. (which we do a lot of) and the paddle in the other);
* where the seat strap clips on to the D-ring attached to the boat it is very close to where the paddle shock cord strap attaches. Makes loosening or fitting either strap fiddly, especially when under pressure on water or with cold fingers;
* pity the space below, to the sides of the hatch, is impeded/partly taken up by floatation foam. I usually fit a cheap soft sided plastic dish I cut to size in there and it works brilliantly on other Hobies, for dry storage - won't easily fit on the Compass due to the foam;
* maybe its finger trouble on my part, but I find deploying the rudder does not happen efficiently. I have to fiddle with it, at the right angle and only then does it go partly down. Eventually, it seems to works its way loose and down.

Would welcome any comments/thoughts, thanks!

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