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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:30 pm 
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So it has been nearly two years that I have been putting this off and I finally have some time to spare away from school and am planning on fixing up the boat.

I have bought all necessary replacements for the old 40 year old wort out parts but now have to deal with a huge area of delamination. It is on the top deck on the starboard hull, from just in front of front frame pylon, and it extends all the way to about 10cm from the tip of the bow, I believe its about two and a half feet.

Now I know most of you would recommend simply replacing a hull with that amount of delam, but considering I'm up in Canada (finding a hull is impossible) and I'm not planning on racing or sailing this boat like a maniac, I think I'm better off repairing.

Now, I have run into a few problems. First off, I was wondering where I could purchase Git Rot up here in Canada. US retailers won't ship adhesives like epoxy or other chemicals up here because it will most likely be seized at the border. Do you guys know of any Canadian retailers that carry Git Rot and will ship it to me? I live in Calgary, AB if it helps.

My second question is what size bottle of Git Rot should I purchase? As mentioned earlier, I have around a 2.5 foot by 8 inch area to deal with. Should I spend the 80 bucks on the full 32oz bottle of it or will 16 be enough?

My final two questions relates to repainting the boat. After more or less 40 years, the paint on the boat faded from a tangerine to a ghastly brownish yellow that looks like poop. I have tried getting under to see if it was only a small layer of oxidation, but no, all of the paint is screwed. I figure my only way to go is to repaint it. Now, if I am to sand the boat prior to painting, won't the grippy strips on the top of the deck become smooth? Is there any way to restore them after painting or save them in the first place, or do I have to deal with smooth hulls? Also, what type paint would you guys recommend for repainting the trampoline frame and mast? I want to paint it black since the bare aluminum looks a bit ugly. Would regular black spray paint do the trick?

Thanks in advance!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:16 pm 
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These are the guys that produce git-rot. Id call em up and see if there are any canadian dealers.
16oz should do will be close though. The hulls can soak up a lot of epoxy. And that is a BIG area your dealing with.

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