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Temp Trap Handles
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Author:  jonh [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Temp Trap Handles

We needed some trap handles to replace the old set, which broke our first time out after restoration.


Without time to order before our trip to Oak Island, NC we slapped four handles together in an hour or so using 1/2" PVC pipe, pipe end caps, another pipe (black) which just fits over the PVC like a sleeve (this helps keep the whole thing snug), and PVC cement.

Cuts made with a narrow bladed compact hacksaw and the hole for the wire with a round file. PVC cemented the seams, the caps and the sleeves around the trap wire.

Four handles cost of materials around <10 bucks if I recall.


Dry fit:


Worked fine on our trip – we’ll see how they hold up over time. Most obvious point of failure will be the stop sleeve working through the plastic. But it should hold until we can order proper replacement parts and new rigging.


Author:  badgerfan [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Temp Trap Handles

Jonathan, Great idea on the handles; you're right, I think the weak point is the stop sleeve wallowing out the PVC where it meets. Another thought for you...a friend of mine used a larger diameter piece of dowel, cut a groove in it so the wire would fit in the groove, then locked it onto the wire with a small metal plate screwed into the dowel (material was also removed on the dowel so the plate would fit flush). Works pretty well. Thought I'd pass it on. How was the sailing at Oak Island? Did you get into the ocean? I've wanted to sail down there by Southport and the river, seems like there is always wind and alot of room. Do tell.

Author:  BigWhoop [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Temp Trap Handles

Once upon a time, grasshopper, when catamarans only had one hull ....

There was a thing you could buy that was two half handles of aluminum that threaded together around the wire. That way you didn't have to do anything abut cutting and swaging. I also seem to remember that the Holt-Allen handles are long enough that if you cut carefully, and don't use the thimble, you can use the same wire. You do have to buy the handles and a block though.

Author:  jonh [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Temp Trap Handles

BigWhoop wrote:
Once upon a time, grasshopper, when catamarans only had one hull ....

Hey BigWhoop - we saw those aluminum parts and may go that route but didn't have time to order plus they are a bit pricey. Thanks for the info on the Holt handles too - we'll check that out.

badgerfan - the dowel idea is good. I was also thinking if we need these to last longer I could find some kind of lock washer to bend under the handle to reinforce.

Oak Island was a blast. We put in at the west end of the island at the Lockwood Folly inlet - notice a little public parking lot (there is also a circular turn-around just down the road) at the end of Kings Lynn Dr - pulled the boat off there and wheeled downhill to the beach north of the lot for rigging and putting in. Then sailed out the inlet to the Atlantic. From the lot the “crew” not on the boat can walk over the dune to the main beach where we can beach and trade off.

I was surprised how shallow the area was (inlet and beachside). We had to walk the boat in the inlet at some spots at low tide and at waning tide the inlet current was moderate but still a factor. The shallow area beachside made for a lot of waves too which were fun but got a little hairy for us newbs at times – if went out further it was deeper but again as newbs we didn’t venture far from shore this time.

We saw a vertical pipe extending a few inches out of the water close offshore and later found out it was the funnel/boiler of the Civil War blockade runner Bendigo hulk that lies below :shock: . We avoided the area after that :) There were a few motorboats, a smattering of PWC, and no other sailboats so were pretty much by ourselves keeping in mind these were weekdays.

We’d go again but might also try the Cape Fear River/sound off Southport like you mentioned but would need to find a put in spot. We jumped the Ferry to Ft. Fischer for the heck of it and seemed like there was a lot of room, good wind, and calmer seas. It would be a load of fun to go Southport -> Bald Head Island!

[shout out to Genmar Star and Gary for lots of tips]

Author:  badgerfan [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Temp Trap Handles

Jon. Glad your Oak Island trip was good; thx for the details. Cool beans about the sunk blockade runner, even cooler beans that you didn't get up close and personal with the obstacle and damage your boat.
Regarding Southport. I believe there is a public ramp pretty close to, if not in, the Southport Marina. It opens to the ICW, but looks like you can get across it to rig your boat on the far shore. It isn't too far from where the ICW and river meet, and then it's wide open, as you recall from your ferry ride.
I think our next adventure is to get there, get out the inlet, and try to make it to the Shoals on the point of Bald Head Island (the very same shoals that go out to sea for 35 miles and end with Frying Pan Tower). At low tide there are sandbars exposed maybe a half mile off the beach in front of the Shoals Club. If it works, will post with details.
Glad you had a nice trip to this corner of the world. Happy sailing.

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