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Aussie halyard system - maybe
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Author:  yelkenli [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Aussie halyard system - maybe

I purchased a used Hobie, and am wondering about the jib halyard system. My problem is two-fold: 1) at the mast attachment below the tang, there is a double block for the halyard. the halyard in this block gets pinched by the forestay when the halyard is relaxed to drop the sail.
2) when tacking, the jib battens catch on the halyard.

It has been a while since I owned a Hobie, and it did not have this type of jib halyard. I think it might be the aussie, except the only pictures of an aussie I have seen have an aussie pigtail that provides separation of the double-block to the forestay. my setup does not have that. the forestay is shackled off of the top of the block.
I can see this as the reason for pinching when dropping the sail. Any comments on this?

That would not explain the battens catching on the halyard. should the jib halyard be to the side? Does anyone have any pictures?

A third question: what is the purpose of the block attached to the mast under the cleat? is this part of the aussie system? if so, does anyone have a cartoon diagram of how the halyard rigging works?


Author:  mmiller [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Aussie halyard system - maybe

Sounds like a home made setup... or just rigged wrong.

Our Aussie setup has a pig tail hanging the (fiddle double) block lower. Maybe just add one?

Battens hang up regardless since the jib is larger than the fore triangle. That is good, because it is big and powerful, but you can pull the jib and main halyards aft. We use a small hook to hold the jib halyard at the side of the mast... mounted up about 3/4 to the tang. The main halyard can be pulled out and aft around the shrouds and then in and tucked behind the down haul cleat before tying off.

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