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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:42 am 
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jclarkdawe wrote:

C) Hobie 16 fleets are decreasing in popularity in many areas.

Jim Clark-Dawe

I'll disagree with this... Just because I don't think anyone should be saying it... After the AC cup and over the last couple years I want to argue there is a INCREASE in the popularity.... Hence why people are talking about trying to bring older boats into their fleets...

Things did slow down... But we are fixing to ramp them back up... so.... we want to make sure it is as inclusive as possible.... and that we have as cheap of an entry into the sport as possible..


If your area is suffering... What are YOU doing to build some enthusiasm?!?!!

I don't think the comptip rule is going to change... and don't really care to much to fight it... So long as nobody bothers the new sailors we have in our fleet locally... I am all good... and just pay no mind to me grumbling about those stupid comptips....


PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:23 am 
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jclarkdawe wrote:
...To be told to spend twice the money to be able to race a boat that isn't going to be competitive isn't going to happen.

I'd like to do some sailboat racing. Maybe a few times a year. I'm not looking to invest five thousand or more to get a competitive boat. I'm just looking for a little bit of fun. Choice is to take my older Hobie, that I know isn't as fast as a modern boat, and drive a few hours, and be told that maybe I can race, but I'll be illegal, or maybe I can't race, doesn't seem like a good use of my time.

Instead, maybe I should pick up a used Sunfish or Laser, both of which are a hell of a lot more active in my area, and race that and save the Hobie for when I'm by myself. Less then a thousand bucks and I'll be somewhat competitive...

It's not clear to me if you want to be competitive or not. You won't be with your Hobie, no matter what, but you expect to be with the other boats. You're comparing apples and oranges. If you do want to be competitive, the H16 is out because you have excluded your two options (newer boat and HCA-legal equipment on existing boat).

If I were in your position and wanted to race, I'd start off by seeing what sort of racing as happening in my area and then plan my equipment around that. HCA-only? Go for the Sunfish or Laser. Cat racing that isn't strictly HCA? Sail what you have. But if you prefer sailing your cat, spending $1000 on a noncompetitive Sunfish or Laser doesn't seem better than spending the same on improving your existing H16 and making it legal.

Have you talked to your 'local' race organizers?

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:32 am 
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The comtip was required over 25 years ago because too many people DIED who did not have one. I knew some of these guys. It was a bad, BAD time. It doesn't matter now whether or not the decision was made because of worries about lawsuits, or whether it was simply the right thing to do. It's no big deal having one. Hobie one design, even though it pales in comparison now compared to what it used to be, is still the model that others wish they had.

Boats became lighter over 25 years ago too, simply because of better adhesives for putting the hull and deck together. 20 pounds one way or the other won't mean the difference between you being at the front or not in almost any single race, and certainly not over a whole regatta.

No way will a thousand buck Laser be competitive. Even back in the '70s, when I raced Lasers, having an older boat with soft hull, and old sails would not allow you to stay in the front even if you started there. I found that out the hard way. I still have a couple of older Lasers. I wouldn't bother putting either on the race course. I can still put an early '80s Hobie 16 up front in local races, but not for long in big races.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:55 pm 
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Tom we really got to get you back out racing on the 16 again.Newer boat,lighter crew,all your experience,you would be dynamite.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:55 pm 
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ronholm wrote:
jclarkdawe wrote:

If your area is suffering... What are YOU doing to build some enthusiasm?!?!!

My idea is go out and sail and have a good time. That seems the best way to bolster enthusiasm. As far as discussing 30 year old decisions, that is how decisions are made today, FWIW. Also, I might even get a last fall sail in tomorrow if I can tolerate sailing in the low sixties.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:49 pm 
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Five pages, mostly about racing with or without a comptip on the Hobie 16 forum.
There is a Hobie Cat Racing Forum - HCANA - all divisions.... Probably more appropriate for discussions about racing and rules - comp tips and trampolines, etc.
Just a few thoughts:
I wholeheartedly support the one design/standardization rules for racing. It helps to level the playing field and keep the costs of ownership and racing under control.
Some non racing thoughts:
Someone stated on page 4 something about "aluminum masts upgraded to a comp tip....". It's not an upgrade! It was an unfortunate screw-up tha was made about 25 years ago that affects those who purchase newer Hobies or wish to comply with the racing rules so that they can race in any Hobie Regatta in North America.
Apparently, Hobies manufactured in the South Pacific Region/Australia have all aluminum masts - non comp tip.
The attorney who lost that case about 25 years ago and agreed to require that a comp tip be installed on all future Hobies manufactured in N. America must have been an incompetant idiot!. He was probably Coleman's son or nephew who flunked out of law school. I can understand losing a liability case and paying the family big bucks, but going the step further and agreeing to require that tha comp tip be installed.....That was unfortunate! Hobie Corp. or Coleman should've fought that and won.
There are too many problems with these comp tips as described in other areas of these forums. Some problems with the adhesive; they leak; they crack; sun damage....
I was advised by the more experienced members of our fleet at the time not to have my mast circumcised and have a condom installed. We were offered a free retrofit at the time. I'm glad I listened to them.
I had heard at that time that Hobie offered the comp tip technology for free to the other sailboat manufacturers and none of them took them up on their free offer.
I still have a CAUTION sticker on my 1979 mast that reminds me that the aluminum mast conducts electricity and to stay away from low overhead power lines when launching or sailing.
I have another; orange, black, and yellow sticker that says DANGER - with a similar message about the mast conducting electricity, overhead power lines, etc.
On page 27 of my old "Learn to sail the Hobie way" book there is a full page WARNING - PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE about overhead lines, electricity, etc.
On pages 1 and 21 of my Hobie 16 Assembly Manual are DANGER warnings about overhead lines, electricity, etc. in BIG LETTERS.
On page 51 of the Hobie Hot Line November/December 1988 there is a "Bounty Hunters Wanted" ad rewarding us for reporting low power lines, etc.
On page 49 of the Hobie Hot Line Sept./Oct. 1988 there is a Danger ad about overhead lines, etc.
There were probably large warnings on previous Hobie Hot Lines, but I was the Director of a Hobie Cat Regatta for our fleet that year so those are the only 2 copies that I saved.
I'm not sure if the Comp tip has saved any lives nor if people who sail other brands of sail boats (monohulls, multihulls...) are getting electrocuted.
Just look up, report low overhead lines, and keep our sport safe whether you have a comp tip or not.

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