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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:21 pm 
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I took the 16 out tonight knowing there was supposedly 10-15 according to the 7 day forecast. Wind alert in the town I was sailing said 3 gusting to 9. I call bs on windalert!

I got to the lake and wind was right straight at the boat ramp. I figured it was going to be fun getting off the beach. There were ~ 1 foot waves and no other boats on the lake. By the time I got it all set up the wind had definitely picked up a bit. I left the jib a bit flappy, pulled in a tiny bit of main and had to jump on before it left me on the beach! The wind is usually weaker near the boat ramp so I was excited to see what the lake was going to be once I got out of the cove. WELL I WASN"T DISAPPOINTED! Got out of the weaker wind area and the wind was ripping. I flew a hull a bunch of times. Managed to lift the hull about 2 feet above the water right as I went by this pontoon boat that was floating in the middle of the lake. It would of made a great picture. By now the wind is making more like 1-2 footers with an occasional white-cap. So I go back and forth and around most of the lake having a grand ol time. I had the bow about 2-3 inches above the water a bunch of times. I was starting to feel real comfortable at that speed. Then as I was really moving about in the middle of the lake this gust hits me and I swear it was double the speed of the rest of the wind, I mostly panic, but manage to throw the mainsheet, turn the right way to keep from pitch-poling and save it from flipping. Grab the mainsheet again, sheet in some and kept right on screaming. This happened to me a BUNCH of times. So many times I actually sailed to the less windy side of the lake to gather my wits. Ok Try to gather my wits. So now I realize this wind has increased to more like 15-20 consistent and it's pretty gusty while blowing straight at the boat ramp. I dis-like sailing with the wind straight on the stern so I decide to cross the wind and tack my way into a safer heading to the boat ramp as it's getting on towards sunset. I zig-zag my way toward where I want to be, get back to the middle of the lake in a spot I can sail diagonally to the ramp and the wind dropped to about 2-4. MUCH more manageable. I putt my way toward the ramp and the whole time I am expecting another force5 gust to try to bury the bows again. Never happened but RIGHT as I was about 20 feet from shore the wind started to gust again Luckily I had centered the jib and the main and had both pulled on tight so I didn't end up sailing up the beach into the parking lot.

I am proud to say I kept it from pitch-poling, or capsizing in this kind of wind. This was only my 3rd time out on the 16. I guess all the practicing on the 14 this year paid off. This is my 1st year sailing... Yep I'm hooked.
And to top it all off there was the most incredible dark red sunset on the way home. Red sky at night sailors delight.

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