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 Post subject: Re: 80 Hobie 16
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:52 am 
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Hello everyone, I come for some tips/advice. This past weekend I sailed the Hobie out of Vista Point at Jordan Lake with 2 other people onboard. I think maybe my 4th time sailing there in some heavy winds and in some light winds, sometimes solo, never a single problem with getting through a tack or getting stuck in irons. The winds this past Saturday I would describe as gusty and maybe a little shifty, but pretty high. I got stuck in irons 3 or 4 times! A couple of times it was so bad that before I knew it I was going backwards at a pretty good clip which made it even more impossible to get out of. It was pretty stressful.

Does that sound like maybe the wind was just crap, should I have stayed home? I am backwinding my jib when tacking, but is there something I can/should do if I think I'm going to have trouble tacking to help make sure I can get through the tack? If I'm sailing on a reach and want to tack back around, should I pull all my travelers in and sail close hauled before I tack around?

Anything to do with having 500lb worth of people on board?

 Post subject: Re: 80 Hobie 16
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:56 pm 
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If you are on a reach, you should point up and close haul the main and jib before you start to come about. Keep up your speed and don't jam the rudders over hard. It just kills the speed. You had the answer to getting out being caught in irons and didn't realize it. When you started going backwards you should have reversed the rudders. That would turn the boat to catch the wind where you want it. At that point, I would slack off the main a few inches as it fills on the other side. As you go forward, steer downwind then let the jib loose to go to the other side.


 Post subject: Re: 80 Hobie 16
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:31 pm 
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Congratulations, greeting from the England and welcome to the Hobie way of life :-)

Been exactly in the same place you have been regarding hoisting sails, it was a real pita on my first H16 circa 80's.
It turned out there were a number of reasons that seemed to have caused this issue.

1) The sails were old and original as such the bolt rope had swollen this causes friction while hoisting,
2) The 80's mast track has a smaller sail feed section than that later models which can cause issues when hoisting, especially that last foot or two, see 3 (the track area that flares out that one feeds the sail into)
3) If your mainsail lower bolt rope is tight or jammed in the boom (as in my case) it can cause the sail to bind in the mast track due to the acute angle and tension, so ensure that outhaul is loose and the main can slide freely along the boom track.
4) Silicon dry lube (already mentioned in previous posts)

My cure in the end was that I picked up some second hand hardly used Hobie world sails on ebay and someone from the club gave me a later mast, the sail goes up like butter.
But I did test the new sails with the original mast and though slightly stiffer it hauled up just fine without little effort.
Also tested original sails in original mast they went up much easier once they had free movement in boom. But problem was the bolt ropes were shot so they continued to jam in boom track.

It's already been mentioned but defiantly agree upgrading those jib block will make a world of improvement and enjoyment particularly when out solo.

Continue to enjoy sailing her its the single most fun you can have ;-)

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