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PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:59 pm 
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Alrighty then let me tell you about the weekend...… but first a little history....

I started sailing back in 1980 on Albacores, Code 40s, 420s, ect. Became a certified CYA instructor thennnnn Got married in 88 and that's it no more sailing. although I promised to take her sailing. never did . up until...……...Yes I bought a 1977 Hobie 16 for 750 with a trailer which needed a ton of elbow grease cleaning and a new mast step and base.

Ok 30 years of marriage later I am pumped. Got the boat..... check! Cleaned the Boat... Check! Reviewed multiple videos with the wifey of which I made her review over and over again...….that may of been a mistake.....Parts were ordered, long weekend 3 weeks away plenty of time to clean out my brain cobwebs because you never forget.....then...….

Delivery day parts....ok no worries probably just late.
Day 2 no parts …. did I mention impatient... not this fella
Day 3 no parts.... Oh K...…..wifey when are you taking me sailing?
Day 4..5..6..7 alrighty then lets call Calgary

Parts person Tony"Huh dat dem dere part must be justem late, giver anudder ccuppa days" (no he didn't talk like that but hey its my post lol)

Alrighty then long weekend approaching......... wifey impatient note ididnt make it over 30 years of marrage by being stupid..... just stubborn and Happy Wife Happy life...... Oh Oh....

Ring ring…umm
"Parts person Tony Speakum may I help you?....... Yes its me from Terrace my parts not in can you check the tracking for me.

Parts person Tony: "Well that darn near dont make sense. Lemme get back to you pardner."

Cricket Cricket

Parts person Tony: "Hey they done deleevered it over a week ago!
uhhh never got it.......

a few emails later and im off to Canada post.......Wifeys getting impatient.........

Canada post yup it was delivered. but I dont got it. File a claim... no the shipper had to file the claim.....

Meanwhile....... Hello neighbor did you receive a package... nope........

Ask another neighbor... nope but you may want to check the upstairs apartment thats being demo'd you never know.....
Well i'll be a ........Success! sun stained, water stained, here is my package right on …Text message to wifey..FOUND IT!

Rush inside rip open the box
Shroud pins ....Check!
Mast Hinge upgrade Check!
Rivits CHeck! Woohooo!
Mast step Check!

Mast Base.......what the ? Kinda small.

Forum Moderator Matt: Well young feller you done got a Hobie 14 part !

Foul Foul Filth Foul Foul Curse

Parts Person Tony: Well dat aint right lets get you the right one.

Not going to make the long weekend........ But wait Moderator Matt to the rescue! Just use the old one for now!

SO boats put together get to the lake...

These aluminum masts sure are heavier than i remember... 2 hours later....lets get it in the water!...…ummm where's the tiller extension.... back to the jeep ..........not there …oh crap its probably still in the garage....nope it was on the boat.

Raise the sail ! the wife is happy been waiting in 32c weather we are almost there .... WTH sail wont go all the way up.... up down up down pull wrestle fight...
Unhappy Wifey: Give it up its just going to happen.

Pull the cursed yellow banana out of the water back on trailer maneuver around the trees in parking lot drop mast thread sail to top .........sigh I forgot how much i Hated this part of sailing.

Back online watch 1980s xrated Matt the moderator demonstrate the flick of the wrist.

Have you ever had that aha moment where you slap yourself in the face. Yup I did that. Laugh it up yes I could have googled the video and watched it at the beach but oh no.......

Drive out the next day scout 3 different locations

Pull boat off the trailer, I'm in a hurry may not be married for to much longer........wham boat slipped off boat roller

Wifey: "umm you may want to look at this"

Guys if you've been married long enough you know the look.....

Ok that looks like a the hull ...... now picture a 51 year old man on his knees lips pressed against the boat hull blowing air into the hull....

re trailer the boat
Wifey is silent.....

Go home slap resin 2 fiberglass patches and an hour later off to the lake.....Wifey turns to me and says" it better work this time or its going up for sale" I know that look.

Yes i know I should have waited 72 hours ... shut up already ...

By now we've had lots of practice..... boat all set up in 35 minutes boat is on he water and we are finnaly sailing its 1 pm in the afternoon and......... the wind dies down to nothing its 34 degrees celcius.... i dont care we are on the water.

Epilogue: 31 years later we finnaly went sailing. Yes you never forget those skills as a sailer. we had a great time on the water.
I turned to my Wife and said "Welcome to the Joy of the Sailing world!"

Yes I think I will make 32

Thanks Matt and Tony!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:34 am 
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I am glad for you that you finally got through the maiden voyage!

Hopefully you and the wife will get to use it many more times! And if your REAL lucky she will want to sail as much as you do.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:11 am 
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