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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:13 am 
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Hello everyone,,
I think my problem with my boat is when I flip it, the mast fills with water too fast and thats why I cant get it back over. I put my mast in the pool today and found that its leaking in by the mast head ( i think thats what its called.....the top part of the mast).Can I just drill those two rivets out, get the mast head off and then reseal and put on with screws? Is there foam inside the mast? It almost feels like water is still down by the base of my mast even when I have it comepletely upside down. I guess what I am trying to say is are there compartments/baffles or foam inside the mast and what is the best way to get the mast head off/on.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:04 am 
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There is a foam plug inside the mast about a foot or so from each end. So there are essentially three compartments (one large, two small) inside the mast. This is assuming you have an all-aluminum mast. A comptip mast has even more compartments. So if there’s water inside the mast, you will probably need to pull the foam plug out to get the water out. And yes, removing the mast head is just a matter of drilling out the rivets and then knocking the aluminum casting out of the mast.


PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:12 pm 
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perpetual problem for me - you have to seal your mast. I generally use marine silicone every spring before I step the mast. I seal the comp tip joint and the sheave at the top and also the base. Maybe I'll also get a Hobie Bob to float the top someday. With my leakier mast I drilled a small hole in the bottom and tapped it so I could put in a set screw to seal it. It provides a little drain hole, but if the foam plugs are intact they hold water higher up in the mast.

Here is a pic of the foam plug in an old comp tip:

Here is a pic of me removing the sheave from the top of the mast:

On that mast, when I removed the sheave at the top there was a little foam inside but when I dug that out I found it was actually sealed with an interior cap as hopefully you can see in this image.

I just cut off a few inches of a pool noodle and shoved it in there when I replaced the sheave. In the comp tip I pulled out one of the rubber plugs (flat black rubber on side of mast) and shot in some closed cell foam before I put it back. Not saying you need to remove the comp tip, just for illustration.

I believe there is another foam plug near the base. When I replaced the base on that mast I poked a hole in the foam to allow water to get to my screw hole drain. My logic was that if the mast base was under water I'd already be turtled and the set screw with some teflon tape on it should hold it long enough for me to get back in the corner and pull the mast more horizontal. Maybe that's not so bright but worked for me so far

hope that helps

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