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H17 soft area advice
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Author:  steveb9288 [ Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:57 am ]
Post subject:  H17 soft area advice


I have an old H17 - not sure how old but it's in pretty good condition apart from normal scratches etc.

I'm just tidying up the gelcoat for this year and found a soft sport on the out side of the hull about 8cm above the forward end of the centreboard casing. The gel coat damage looks like its the result of an impact.

I started grinding to get down to solid laminate and the soft spot has gone all the way through the hull. I've reached solid laminate although there is a small hole about 3 mm across.

Currently the overall hole is 20 mm across with vertical walls. I can still feel soft areas under the gelcoat which can be gouged out by hand with a drill bit.

Not sure how to repair this. Do I need to create a repair area of about 12" diameter tapered around the hole inside and outside? If I need to do this I'll need to cut an inspection port. If I need to do this can I just use a standard 5" inspection port cover or does it have to be hobie specific?

Or can I inject resin into the walls of the hole and then fill the hole with resin and repair as usual?

Sorry for all the questions - never done glass repairs before.

Any advice welcome.



Author:  srm [ Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H17 soft area advice

How soft is it? A small amount of deflection is normal. If you look inside the hole you created, can you see separation between the fiberglass and the foam? It's possible that this area of the hull was lean on resin when it was laid up. I would probably just try to inject it before removing large portions of the outer skin.

You can certainly put an access port in that area. The "standard" location is centered about 12" behind the front crossbar. A Hobie specific port is not needed, but you do want to use a contoured port. 5" diameter is the best size IMO. The port will also allow for storage while sailing and access to the centerboard trunk (they have a tendency to crack through where the spring presses against the trunk).


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