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Looking for assistance sorting out this boat
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Author:  Lefty96 [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

I just finished a sailing class and I am looking for a first boat. Looking locally, I found this boat and would like some help on figuring out if it is worth looking at.

I’m 42 and will do 99% of my sailing single handed. I have 2 kids but they aren’t very cooperative on outdoor activities so it would be great but not necessary to carry one or two more. I live 5 minutes from a smallish lake and would like to do most of my sailing there to maximize opportunities.

The boat:
https://fortsmith.craigslist.org/boa/d/ ... 40356.html

The lake:

Any info or insight would be appreciated.

Author:  hobiemark [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

Do a search on buying an old hobie, there are lots of good articles. the biggest point is are there soft spots on the hulls.
Push down on the upper deck and it shouldn't deflect. 14s and 16s get a football sized softspot right in front of the front pylon.
They can be repaired and there are lots of articles on doing it. That's the big issue, after that its rigging in good shape, sails no tears etc?
You might ask around in your area and see if you can find a experienced hobie sailor who would go look at the boat with you.

Author:  dorienc [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

The picture looks pretty good, but hey, everything looks good from 30 feet away...even me!
I'm not sure what the seller means by Model T, I figured it meant the boat is a 14 Turbo (i.e., has a jib sail) but I don't see any jib blocks on the front crossbar. But for a starter boat, that might be a good thing. My first boat for 7 years was a Hobie 17 with no jib. It simplifies rigging and boat handling, and makes you learn how to tack!
So, if there aren't any soft spots as the previous poster warns against, and the rigging is all there (check the Hobie assembly manual, and ask the seller to rig the boat on the trailer), and the tramp and sail is pretty solid, it seems like a reasonable deal to me.
I'd ask if he's ever replaced the shrouds, and consider replacing them (both sides and the front), because a broken shroud will drop the mast on you. I had a used Hobie 17 that the seller claimed had new shrouds, but one broke while we were sailing. Pretty scary watching that mast come down!

Author:  flatlander [ Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

ditto all previous comments

If it is in fact a T (turbo) model with jib, this will be an easier boat to learn with.
The jib will help bring the bows across in a tack.

reasonable price

Author:  cpnsoo [ Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

Factory 14 turbos have the jib blocks coming out of the tramp. Aftermarket kits have them on the crossbar like a 16.

Author:  COsailer [ Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

Perfect forum for me. Sailed a Hobie 14 25 yrs ago. No turbo. Recently bought a 14 that has a jib but I think its after market. Has firler but no cable under tramp and no location for jib blocks on tramp. Front crossbar has no travelers and several drilled holes but no hardware except two rings; one on each side. I'm confused!

PS: It's an 1981. If I have the HIN, can I figure out how it came from the factory? CCMC0184M81F
Thanks all

Author:  COsailer [ Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for assistance sorting out this boat

A bit more info to go on after some digging since my last post:
I recently bought a Hobie 14. I am a novice and am looking for help. There is a good amount of extra parts and I’m not sure how to rig it. There is a Hobie jib and furler but the tramp looks like a Standard Hobie 14 tramp. Ie, No anchor bars for the side bars but I do have the transversal wire. The tramp has no location for the jib blocks(Hobie Turbo kit) and the front crossbar has no blocks either(Harken turbo Kit?). There are several holes in the crossbar that have been filled. There are 2 eyestraps and that’s it. I do have what look like2 Harken 57mm Ratchet with swivel, becket, cams (28-2137) on a jib sheet outside of a carbo jib clew. Any ideas where these should be located? Also have a Ronstan 29mm fiddle V-Jam cleat on the furler line. I have no idea where this was mounted. I do have Standard bridles and forestay. I’m pretty sure I could sail the boat without the jib but would like to include it if possible.

Can anyone help? The previous owner wasn’t very helpful. Thanks

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