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 Post subject: Hobie 14 Refurbeishment
PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:57 pm 
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Hi all,

I am refurbishing my good used hobie 14, plus adding some
upgrades to it this winter. I know it is already February, but I have
my boat inside a heated airplane hangar, where my dad works (owns the
shop), and am not planning on sailing again till may (I have high
school sailing starting march and finishing in june, so I will have
practice 3 times a week plus regattas-no real time to sail my 14
until latter in the spring and in summer). Along with this hangar
comes the skill of my dad and mechanics, which include extensive
metal work and fiberglassing knowledge. Just have a couple of
questions for all and especially those who have done things like this
to there 14/16 (similar construction). Any help is apperciated!!!!

A)Fiberglassing-Would be nice to have a keal plan, something I can
download would be nice! or a mailed copy, whatever someone has!
Theres a hole in one of the keal's and both are worn extensivly from
being pushed up and down my sandy beach for 20 years (the guy I
bought it from upgraded to bigger-we're pretty good sailing friends).
A plan would help to know exactly how to build up the keals again,
any advice from people who have done this before is always helpful
and appreciated.

B) Riveting-We need to order rivets, many of the corner casting ones
are working loose, need to replace (this is the area my dad has the
most concern with-every job is different). Am planning on ordering a
couple various sizes, am hoping the standard replacments will still
work, but we might need to go oversize?

C) Painting- Any reconmendations here? We have a VERY skilled
mechanic, one of his specialties being painting, might be a ble to
get him to do the job with a gun, he knows what he is doing as far as
paint goes but any advice from those of you who have done this before
is apperciated greatly (I know you exist-saw some threads a while ago
about this type of stuff!). We are planning on painting the ENTIRE
hulls, including the keals. We were thinking about painting the
crossbars black but the would need to be sanded and this might remove
the corrosion proffing? any suggestions????????

D) Mast- I understand in order to be class legal I would need a comp
tip (have a early 70's boat?-the serial # has been covered up w/
paint and can't be found). Am thinking of racing, is it worth it and
any suggestions? Also, the mast has a bend in it, more like a slow
curve, not immediatly noticeable but its diffenatly there if you look
up the front of the mast. How to bend back (heard suggestions about
walking along it) Also, any reconmendations on re-sealing it?

E) Dolphin striker and trapeze-this is the upgrade I am performing. I
tend to sail alot in 20 mph winds and sometimes greater and am having
a heck of a time keeping the boat down w/ a friend on board! Anyway,
have both the murrays striker and trapeze setup-any suggestions for
installing it (its a wire striker)-the instructions for the striker
are pretty clear.

F)Performance-In order to get my boat to my dads, had to sail across
the bay (live in maryland) upwind. It SUCKED. I could go across
easily, then needed to be towed to go upwind-couldn't head more than
30 degrees into the wind (up from 90 degrees perpendicular to the
wind, so about a 60 deg. off the wind angle). We sail mono's at
school can get 45 into the wind with them! Really, any more than 75
was cutting it, 80 was more like it. Also, I weigh 155, can't right
the boat myself (found out the hard way!)-am planning on getting a
bucket, but this doesn't seem right! my cat book says 150 can do it,
140 if your really strong. Any suggestions?

G) Is a jib worth it?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!,


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