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Mirage mount drive cracks repairs?
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Author:  Paleopete [ Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Mirage mount drive cracks repairs?

I have a leak in my revolution 11 and hoping someone can offer advice. Kayak was purchased in 2014, with standard mirage drive, from a distributor in Coffs Harbour Australia, who stopped selling Hobie a year after my purchase. Kayak has only been used on six annual fishing trips, only launched from boat ramps and I only weigh 60 kg. On my most recent trip it started to leak, with about 20 litres in the hull. I fish offshore and in large estuaries, so a sinking boat is a problem. Got back to shore, drained the hull and eventually checked for leaks by pouring a mix of detergent and water into the hull, to about the waterline. Water ran out of the left-side mirage drive attachment. Removed the drive mount and found cracks extending from the bolt holes, left and right sides. Checked inside the hull and there were cracks as well, with a very thin piece breaking away. I wrote to Hobie Australia seeking repair advice. No reply! Very frustrating as I have been very careful with my hobie and it has only had minimal use.

My question to anyone who can help. I am concerned about leaks and the structural integrity of the mirage drive. I think I can fix the leaks by plastic welding, at least on the outside. Not possible to reach the internal part of the cracks with a plastic welder. I am concerned that even with careful welding that there is a basic structural issue with the mirage drive attachment. It may crack again, or the mirage drive pull out of the hull. Prefer this did not happen 2km offshore!

Has anyone successfully repaired a similar problem in a hobie kayak? Photo’s attached (left side, right side, internal left side).
/Users/peterbrown/Desktop/_DSC5359.JPG/Users/peterbrown/Desktop/internal drive mount crack.jpg

Author:  Paleopete [ Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mirage mount drive cracks repairs?

It is not possible to repair the cracks in the hull associated with drive mount in my Revolution 11. Fortunately I was contacted by Hobie Australia today, and they are being extremely helpful. Clearly a company that cares about their products, even when the warranty period has expired.

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