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Upper mast section length
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Author:  dparker [ Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  Upper mast section length

I have question about the length of the upper mast section of the Hobie Wave.

I split my mast into two pieces for trailering. However, the upper mast section of my 1998 Wave is not long enough to lay over both the rear and forward beams while trailering. With the mast float snug up against the rear beam the forward end does not reach the forward beam and so it lies on the tramp causing abrasion of the tramp. After trying many types of pads and supports I finally solved the too-short problem by cutting a short section of Hobie 14 mast to add to the upper mast while storing. Now 2 feet longer, it lays nicely along side of the upper mast and makes tiedown to the forward beam easy and secure.

Yesterday I saw a 2007 Wave being trailered with its mast split and it appeared that the upper section easily spanned both rear and forward beams! I did not get a chance to measure the lengths. Have the mast section lengths been changed over time? My '98 Wave originally came with the old style Hobie 14 mast but the base has been changed to the "ball on a stick" design of the newer boats. Were those older masts split in a different place than the new ones?

David Parker
Dunedin, FL

Author:  mmiller [ Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Upper mast section length

The length of the mast upper fiberglass "CompTip" has not changed. Photo maybe? That is odd. We designed a set of cradles to hole the two halves very early on... nothing has changed.

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