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Wave Classic traveler install (with pics)
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Author:  sapoguapo [ Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Wave Classic traveler install (with pics)

So I got around to installing a traveler on my Classic Wave this weekend. I know there has been some interest in the past on this forum about how to do this, given that the velcro straps used to tension the trampoline get in the way of the traveler track and require a creative work around. Here's what I did:

I purchased a set of 4 Flat Saddle brackets from nautos-usa.com (link here: https://nautos-usa.com/products/flat-sa ... f-4-pieces) and riveted them to the back of the rear crossbar where the velcro straps normally go.

I then used Voile Ski straps (https://www.voile.com/aluminum-buckle-straps.html) in place of the velcro to wrap around the installed brackets and rear bar that threads through the back of the tramp.

*While on the topic of Voile ski straps, these things have a million uses and are extra useful for sailing. I use them to secure paddles to the Wave backrest, to secure the mast while trailering, and they are great quick fix whenever you need to strap something down fast. I highly recommend getting a couple and keeping them around the crossbar or somewhere else, as they are seriously convenient to have around.

Anyway, so far, I'm really pleased with the system. The tramp tension is easily adjustable on the fly, and it is already much more taut that it ever was with the velcro straps.

Here are the pics:



I was also able piece together a traveler package from buying new/used parts off of Ebay and fasteners from Home Depot rather than buying a new kit. All in all, the whole shebang set me back $170, which is a far cry better than the $414 best price that I could find new online. I ended up thru-bolting the track to the rear crossbar rather than deal with rivet gun shenanigans as the nose of my riveter was too wide to fit inside the traveler track and didn't want to deal with grinding it down and/or stacking washers to maintain downward pressure while riveting. It is super bomber now and should hopefully last for the life of the boat.

Now I just need to find some time to get out on the water and test it out. Hopefully it really improves the boat performance on a reach and sailing downwind.

Let me know if if there are any questions on the specifics.

Author:  imfsub12 [ Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wave Classic traveler install (with pics)

looks nice

let us know how it works

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