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PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:57 pm 
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CR Yaker wrote:
As I've said on here many times. It all depends on where your going to fish to what Hobie your going to use/get. First off, the ultimate fishing kayak for any conditions is the AI/TI, hands down. You can feel safe going out 15 miles or more Ocean front. You have more choices for powering. You can scale down your kayak for smaller water by leaving the amas/akas/sail off the kayak for an Adventure mode. This kayak setup is by far the safest, fastest, versatile, fishing machine by Hobie.
Now for limited conditions you can consider other Hobies such as the PA, Outback, Revolution 13 or 11.
For fresh water lakes/rivers and short outfront Ocean only, the PA. For mix of fresh water and/or medium distances out front Ocean/heavy surf, the Revolution 13. For inland bodies of water with difficult launches to get to, Revolution 11.
Notice I never suggest the Outback, it's sufficient for all but long distances out front Ocean, but not the best in any situation. Sorry Outback advocates, that's why the Outback is the number 1 traded in Hobie for another model. 8)
Any way you choose, your Hobie will hold much of it's value. Why, I don't know, because I would never buy a Hobie used with no warranty without at least half off or more the going new price, to risky if a crack develops in an unfixable location. I always suggest to buy new.

I use a stand-and-fish in conjunction with the evolve drive on revo 11. I use the opt. ext on rudder handle and control direction with my left foot. The controller is on standnfish for speed / direction. You cannot use the evolve on the rudder with the PA 12/14. I've been on the texas flats with winds which made it impossible to cast and find the revo 11 stable with or without the pontoons. The revo 13 will give you more room but heavier more difficult to load. Anyway, everyones goal should be to own as many hobies as possible before you die.

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:07 pm 
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As a long time dealer I started fishing the original Outback. As the years went by they continued to change the hull and deck design. Its been refined over all these years into the perfect size, wheight, and performance. Its not as fast as a Revo 13. Its not as roomy as the PA'S. But its just plain old perfect.
Barrell Surf

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2016 8:40 pm 
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Thanks to everyone who helped me out, I've had the outback for about 4 months now, and I'm happy with it...Got the Sport for my wife, turbo fins for both. I use the sport sometimes, but I'm 6' 1" tall, and its a bit short for the full leg stroke.

Sport is sooo much easier to get into/out of the water ! Outback is just heavy, but I manage. Now fishing is more exercise, and I don't pack on the pounds doing my 2nd favorite sport !! ( Always and forever No. 1 is hunting the most dangerous bird in North America [Chukar Partridge])

Here in Oregon we had a really bad drought. Boats could not launch on some lakes. I cleaned house fishing from the Outback, caught some really nice trout. I can troll by laying back and run the mirage drive, and then sit up and switch to paddle mode. Often right when, or right after I switch, I get a strike...

Only problem is to remember to KEEP GOING ! Don't just grab the pole right away, keep going and make sure its a solid strike....Kayak fishing RULES !! MIRAGE drive rules !!

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