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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:21 pm 
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Last trip out was a shaker fest for me. I had a need to catch a decent sturgeon, a deep burning, inconsolable need that burned my soul to its very core..... I was not in the mood to be denied.

I launched out of Swan Island with a friend of mine. He headed straight for the happy hunting grounds while I spent a bit of time searching for some crappie, but to no avail. By the time I made it out of the harbor Brian was anchored up a fair distance downstream from the mouth. I looked at him as I sat sweating and grumbling and decided to stop on the way down to meeting back up with him. Apparently the sturgeon gods felt I had served whatever penance was necessary for whatever crimes I had committed.

The current was so light (incoming) that I only needed 2oz (and that was a bit of overkill). I hooked up a chunk of anchovy and sent it down to the watery depths. I was actually kind of tense since it has been a while since I had caught a nice fish and I NEEDED to.

Come on man, just a taste, I can quit anytime, come on just give me something...

All of a sudden I think that I feel the daintiest of taps. Was that a really a bite? The question was answered when the fish just started to swim away. I took the reel out of free spool and started reeling to bury that circle hook. THUNK, oh yeah, that feels solid - then peeling drag - this is what I need!!

I drop off anchor and let that fish have her way with me, like it was my first time :)


She pulled me in circles generally heading upstream and after an amazing fight (these fish are like on steroids right now) I land a beautiful 43" sturgeon with the longest, sharpest flukes I have seen. (I should have taken a close up picture.)


I am pumped. That is the first nice fish I have caught in a while! Knowing that the sturgeon gods are viewing me with pleasure I race back to my anchor and with shaking hands I managed to bait up with another chunk of anchovy. I toss it down to the murky depths and after about a few minutes wait. I feel a very light tap, tap, tap. I throw the reel into gear and bam!


Another good fish takes my on a sleigh ride. Man, these fish are fighting like demons right now. I was sure this was an oversized, but no, it was a 45" fish that once again had really long, sharp, dagger-like scutes. These fish were brutalizing my salmon rod!


Well, you get the picture of what kind of day this is. I throw out a third time, expecting a good fish now Well, you know what they say - it ain't being cocky if you can back it up:


Of course, when you are on a roll you let it ride (kayak sleigh ride that is). Next fish is a 41" keeper.


About this time Brian paddles back up saying he has caught a few shakers and a 38" fish. I let him know that there is a quality bite going on and he anchors up next to me. After the 4 keepers I catch a couple of small shakers and then Brian hooks a nice keeper.

Amongst a handful of shakers and a few just shore of keeper sized I manage one more mid-40s keeper.


Brian ends up catching about 5 or 6 keepers before the bite finally slows for both of us. I am tired and happy, Brian is tired and happy. We hit a few more spots with sporadic luck and as the tide hits high slack the bite really dies down for us. Brian catches a few more decent fish, nothing but shakers for me.

I ended up with 5 keepers in the 40s, 2 just short (36 and 37) and a bunch of shakers below that size (maybe 7 other fish). In all it was a great day to share with a friend on the water. We had several doubles during the course of the day and got to watch each other fight some quality fish. Just a great day on the water.

I really needed a day like that. Now that I have had a keeper-fest I am ready for the oversize-fest :)

Fish tremble when they hear my name :)

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:37 am 
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That's great!

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