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 Post subject: Fishing tales ...
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:59 am 
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gotta share... I have a friend who keeps me in stitches all the time, funniest guy you want to meet.... days after we fish together I'm still sore from laughing. Last week I loaned him my Outback and I used my PA... along with the comments from him about how I should "go below deck and take a nap", "stroll around the deck"... etc., it was starting out to be a typical day. He caught a decent size Jack Crevalle (we're in saltwater off Parris Island) and wanted to keep it for shark bait for next day. Put it in an insulated bag and dropped it in the fwd hatch. About ten minutes later I hear the old Jerry Clower scream and you can literally see the whites of his eyes around his sunglasses - starts yelling something hit the bottom of his boat and shook it... we're in about 5 ft of water and about 50 yds from the grass. He hauls butt to the grassline and swears whatever it is was huge and almost flipped him and he ain't going back out there....... about 5 minutes later, same scream and now he's really freaking out... can't understand why of the three of us, this thing is after ONLY him.... then I notice he gets real quiet... finally dawns on him it's the jack in the front hatch flopping around...

Part II - About an hour later, I hang something on a light rig, popping float and grubb, it's screaming drag and I got no way to turn it... goes by me and heads for deeper water, same guy is out slightly past me and over my left shoulder. I yell, "Heads up Paul - Freight train coming!"..... as this thing gets closer to him it suddenly realizes there's another yak there directly in front of it and bears slightly away and goes ballistic missile..... about 4-5 ft of very fat black tip shark explodes out of the water about 10 ft from this guy... it looked like one of those National Geo photos, shark up in the air, twisting, turning... almost looked in slow motion.... Holy moley this guy had that Outback up on the tips of the fins... looked like one of those hydro-plane boats... I swear I nearly soiled my PA... he's yelling at me about everybody was out to get him and I had done THAT on purpose... you really had to be there, but for a couple of days I'd think about all this and crack up again... we didn't catch a single decent fish, but best day I've had in a long time.

 Post subject: Re: Fishing tales ...
PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:33 am 
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:lol: sounds like you shoulda bought him a beer or two to calm his nerves afterwards.

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