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PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:20 pm 
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My PA14 just had very little control authority so I added a twist and stow in addition to the built in up down rudder. Now it runs straight and turns when needed.



Hobie PA14 with a mod or two

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:35 pm 
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oasisman :
To my knowledge the only time you can actually break a rudder pin on an Oasis (we had an Oasis and sailed it for years) is if you actually hit something in very shallow water ( I hope that re-assures you some). On our Tandem Island we have broken several rudder pins (always self induced by backing into the bottom or working in shallow surf).
I have been in some pretty bad pickles with broken rudders in higher winds rough seas 5-6 miles upwind from launch. I did everything I could think of to steer the boat with paddles and just couldn't do it. Ended up having to use my emergency gas motor to get home.
Here is an idea that might work though. I have not done this yet, but plan to try it on my TI (perhaps if your Oasis has a gudgeon plate you might be able to do the same or similar). The idea is to drill two small holes in the side of the rudder about 1/2 inch in from the hinge pin at the top and at the bottom (2 holes). I would then loosen the gudgeon plate (gudgeon is the plate that holds the rudder pin at the stern of the hull) and slide two layers of spectra steering line behind the gudgeon then tighten it back down. I would then install the rudder then tie two loose loops through the drilled holes and tie them off (like safety chains on a trailer). When the rudder pin breaks the safety chains (spectra string ) would keep the rudder orientated and in the water working but of course extremely inefficient because it will be flopping around, but you should still be able to steer somewhat (at least better than with nothing at all).

He is another idea that might work well. If you search for Tom Kirkmans simple PVC motor mount on this forum, you will see that it is just a simple gadget that slips into your rear fishing rod holder pocket. You could rig one of these up to store in your hatch with a fold up tiller (instead of a trolling motor) as your backup system.
Simple to make, and will give you the confidence that it sounds like you are looking for. It could easily be made of all PVC with just a piece of flat plastic (like a cheap small Walmart cutting board) as the rudder blade. It would be mounted backwards from the way Tom has his motor mount with the vertical piece closer to the back of the boat (instead of in front of the rod holder like his design), but will likely need to be bungied down. For those who like real tillers, this would work great.
Hope this helps

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