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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:03 pm 
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(Just found out how to post after several years of sailing the AI and TAI), so I am keen to tell you about my tweaks to my 2012 AI starting at the bow.
1. I found some translucent flexible plastic sheet, cut tapering strips off and screwed them along the top edge of the bow section so that they slope down about 30 degrees. Then when cutting through little wavelets at speed the water sloshing up the bows is turned over by the deflectors rather than becoming spray. Going through bigger waves, the angle and the flexibility of the plastic allows the water to drain off quickly.
2. I have fitted a roller furling jib off a Mirror dinghy which is attached at the masthead to a long bottlescrew which is a loose fit in a central hole drilled in the masthead fitting. It is loosely fitted prior to inserting the mast and then tensioned via a rotating cam cleat above the furling drum after the mast is up. Both jib and main set and furl well.
3. I have installed `Barber haulers to both jib and mainsail so that sail twist is what I want it to be rather than what you get.
4. On either side I have an aluminium pole fastened to the akas fore and aft inboard of the float. This was originally to aid sitting out but now supports a 30"x20" board adjacent to the seat, which is also zip tied to the aft aka. On this board at each side I have the cleats for sheets, barber haulers, mainsheet and reefing line i.e. all immediately to hand. The tramps are also fastened to the main hull to obviate water sloshing up.
5. I experimented for a long time to avoid getting a wet bum on my pre 2015 model AI. I ended up with something that looks very like the 2015 seat but without the mesh, adjustment, lumber support etc. I would buy a 2015 model but my wife won't let me as she thinks it is faster i.e. more dangerous (she does not understand about the risk of diagonal capsize with my shorter floats).
6. Behind my seat I have a large plastic box with lid for my spare clothes.

As you may have gathered I am fortunately able to leave my AI fully assembled and launch down a concrete slip off a conventional trolley. (I tried the crazy plug in cart but you can't see where to plug it in, the wheels float up and the wave surge makes it all even more difficult). I am about to try substituting a long but shallow dagger board in the mirage slot when coming in to the slip when it is windy. This will be tipped with either wheels or a brass strip so that it can ground without damage and save the hull grounding as I get out.

I tried various string operated steering arrangements so that I could sit out in stronger winds but have finally settled on sitting in using the standard steering lever as I can then pedal and it is safer. I pedal all the time anyway even in strong winds as I can then surf more easily and even with the jib, I can ditch the sails reliably because the cleats are within reach.

I love the AI because I can sail across the Forth and pedal under the trees up the river Almond and back all in about 4 hours from leaving the house. Those pedals help me keep warm and enable me to outpace 30ft yachts in gentle winds (I am 76 by the way).

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:56 pm 
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Enjoyed your first post. You came across as a man satisfied with his sailing lot in life. Prompted me to find out a bit more about the Forth and the River Almond (there's two of them!).

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