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Bought a Tiger
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Author:  dray [ Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bought a Tiger

I'd like to continue my 20 questions with these:
I have weather helm sailing upwind and lee helm sailing downwind. Has anyone had this problem? It's most notiable in the wind range of 10-13mph

What is the distance you use from the bridle to the top of spin pole?

What is the apparent wind angle for best VMG with the chute up? or do most sail as deep as possible with the weather hull flying?

PS raced against the Hobie 20's including a Fox and a NACRA6.0NA this weekend and smoked them all on Saturday on a windward leeward course with winds in the 14-18mph range, man this chute flying is fun and I love saying 3, 2, 1 deploy!
Sunday was a 22 mile long distance race in 5-13mph winds and lots of reaching so didn't do so well. At times we could leave the boats in the dust but they would catch us in the light stuff reaching or upwind in chop. Finished right with the 20's but needed to finish way ahead to win on corrected time (USSA Portsmouth rating was used).
Thanks all

PSS were there any Tigers at worlds?

Author:  dray [ Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bought a Tiger

Back to my 20 questions now that I've been out on the water about a dozen times. My Tiger has a stainless threaded rod from the bridle down to the spin pole and is attached to the bridle bracket which is threaded with a nut on top and bottom of bracket to lock it in. The bottom has what looks like a steering yoke with a quick release pin (I'm guessing for trailering which I don't).
Here's my question: when sailing this rod is bending quite a bit as the forestay angle is different from when this was installed. Should I just get rid of this rod and use spectra to hold the pole up?
Another part of this problem is the boat was set up for light lake wind and I sail in nothing under 12mph so the mast is now raked back to 10cm below the deck and I've had to adjust the rudder rake forward and raise the jib tack so I'm not block to block on the jib. This would account for the angle of the rod being different and bending under load.

OK next question: since I sail in nothing under 12mph has anyone moved the spin block to the outside of hull and back behind the shroud?
This would open up the slot and ease the leach.
BTW I finally went swimming this last weekend while reaching with the chute up in a gust that was according to the RC boat hit 26mph. BTW2, the Tiger is a lot easier to right than the Hobie 20!

Author:  Jbernier [ Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bought a Tiger

They scrapped those stainless jib (spi pole connector) rod / posts very quickly after they introduced them. Yes - just tie it with spectra, that's how it's done on the Wild cat - works fine.

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