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Trouble with Jib in a blow !
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Author:  UKTigerman [ Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Trouble with Jib in a blow !

Hello all,
Problem : We were recently out in some strong winds averaging between 25-30 knts with gusts recorded upto 38 knts, (not thru' choice I might add, but it kicked in while we were out ).......handicap racing round what we call an inverted P course, ( why they don't call it a figure 9, I don't know ,but thats for another day !).................. while reaching to the second wing mark we had several attempts to dive down the mine due mainly to the fact that with the furling jib system, the jib is restricted from being let to fly loose to release some pressure. We found our selves having to tack high and then get the kite up, which obviously lost us lots of distance on others.
Question :
Doe's anyone know of a way to alter the jib sheeting system to enable it to be let free to fly loose, whilst retaining the furling system ? I guess it is a case of adding an extra pulley or two, has anyone else had this problem and can anyone help please, :?

Author:  Dan DeLave [ Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:27 pm ]
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A quick fix would be to eliminate one of the cleats on the crossbar from you jib sheet system. There are several sailors that did that around here (So Cal). Not for the reason you are talking about. They did it to clean up the lines on the boat, but it will serve your purpose.

How it works: The line will start at the traveller car, go to a block on the jib, back to a block on the traveller car, to a block on the spinnaker pole at the bridle, then back to one or the other cleats that you are presently using for the sheet system now. With enough line on it to be able to furl the jib without the line having to leave the cleat.


Author:  UKTigerman [ Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:54 am ]
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Thanks for that, much appreciated, seems like a simple enough conversion, I think we will give it a trial, I was wondering whether you had ever found that to much jib pressure had a tendancy to pull the bows under in a blow - on a reach/bearing off round the windward mark, or are you able to release the jib ok.
Regards, Ian.

Author:  Dan DeLave [ Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:06 am ]
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I am going to look at it the next time I sail. It seems that we do not have that problem, but we have never stayed on a reach in a big blow. We tend to do upwind and downwind racing around the cans only. We ease off the jib pretty early, about 4 boat lengths, before getting to the windward mark in a blow as the crew has to go in and get ready for the spinnaker set. It seems that with the jib kind of flailing as we get to the mark and me still on the wire we are able to get a good handle on the rounding and subsequent set. I am on the trampoline before the chute is set as I have to go way downwind for her to get it up. As soon as she, crew, jumps out on the wire we are driving hard.

When we were at the worlds there were many teams that started their sets before the offset mark. They just let the spinnaker flag before they rounded the offset. We could only bear off at the weather mark and stay out on the wire to keep the boat in control. We waited until one of us, her, could get on the boat before setting.


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